Today I'm going to talk about Decision, famed principle number 7 in The NEW Think and Grow Rich.

You know, so many people today are afraid to make a decision. That's what indecisiveness is; assuming it's not laziness or procrastination, it's that people are afraid. You, as an achiever, have got to get over that.

Now of course, if you're an engineer and you're sending nuclear missiles somewhere, please, please, keep your caution! But we're talking about an entrepreneur, a businessperson, someone who's moving to achieve great things.

Here's what you know… You never get it right all the time. And the paralysis of analysis, analyzing it to death, just slows the process down, just makes you more ineffective. Now, you've got to do adequate due diligence; but you can never know if a decision was right until you really get in the situation. You want to assume, check, test, maybe leave a way out if that's the way you're going. But you've got to decide and move on.

Here's why. When you make a wrong decision you will quickly find out, and you will then reverse, adjust, adapt; whatever it takes, you will do. The whole point is that now you can get on to really achieving the success that you intended with the decision in the first place. You were in a mode of abeyance; you weren't really moving forward until now. You've got some feedback; now you can move forward quickly, and you can get back on track doing what it is you know you need to do, doing the next thing.

Everything is a test.

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