When I was young I had visions. I always thought that they were dreams even though I had them while I was awake. I would see a freind of mine in despair, or battling with colorful balloons and then find out that she'd been terribly sick. Or I would see my father carrying me up and throwing me into the heavens when in fact, I hadn't seen my father since age two. I found out that just that week my father had died in a boating accident. There are many visions I cannot explain and many visions that are just too vivid they scream out to me. These work well when I am speaking to a person and feeling his or her voice, listening to their inner strength, and attempting to read their true feelings. When people ask me how I became psychic I tell them that I do not know. I believe everyone is, and that I do it professionally because I have more experience and have studied psychology, metaphysical, new age, and philosophy. I also tell them that I am different because ! that's what people told me when I was young, and that's what I believed. So when everyone else was playing or dating I was practicing my true art. I now realized that being different is not tragic, or embarassing, as some would like you to believe. As long as you do what you believe in. And I believe in learning, and growing, and improving one's self through many different resources. I am just a woman and will always be. But I am able to listen, feel, and sympathize with anyone's problems. And I am able reveal yourself and most likely point you to the right direction and help you find a solution. I can never do it all alone. I need power for your belief, power for self-improvement, and spiritual strength from the divine powers that be.

Being different doesn't bother me anymore. In fact, I quite enjoy it. As long as I help as many people along the way.

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Ann Young, a psychic and spiritual healer has helped thousands
overcome anything and teaches others to unlock their psychic ability. She is Baltimore's foremost reader with over thirty years experience in the field of Astrology, Psychic, Crystal and Gems readings and healing, Dream Interpretations, and Spiritual Development Workshop. She encourages everyone to visit her website at www.annyoung.net and register to win a free reading or gift. Her email address is psychicay@aol.com