How do you build a character that garners respect? Character is not about having everyone like you; it’s about making everyone respect you and for what you stand. In the world today there are people who have allowed their character to be tarnished. People have sold themselves through dishonesty, unfaithfulness, and in making bad decisions. Some have given up the one thing they should hold most precious and never let be taken from them, their good character. There are rules of conduct practiced over your lifetime that aid in building good character. In my life, I have found 10 principals, which formed for me a roadmap to having a character others can respect.

Consider making the following 10 points as part of your everyday life to build character…for life. Take the challenge and begin today to build your character. Your good character is more likely to be praised than your talents. Most talents are to some extent, a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We build it piece by piece—thought by thought. The right choices, coupled with courage and determination will soon show your true character.

Ten Character Builders

Live with Integrity; Devoting your existence to living a life filled with the quality of possessing and adhering to the highest of professional standards.

Practice Good Ethics; The established habit of performing desired principles governed by your appropriate conduct, to be of high quality and to live decently and honorably.

Respect Others; Treats all people with dignity. Works to show thoughtfulness, and to feel or show admiration. Looks for the best in others and will value their opinions.

Positive Qualities, The art of producing good results by having an innately beneficial character that thrives on excellence and high standards.

Moral Mind; Able to act on the principles of right and wrong as they govern the standards of premier behavior. Is self guided on how to act decently and respectably.

Behave Honorably; To act in an impeccable way, especially by being polite, good-tempered, and self-controlled. Develops a reputation of living by strong moral and ethical principles.

Honest to All; Truthful, true and unbiased. Is a sincere, straightforward, law-abiding citizen who considers all situations in an impartial way.

Decent Always; Kind, considerate, well-mannered, and generous. Constantly conforms to accepted standards of proper moral behavior on every occasion.

Sets an Example; Lives a life that illustrates a model of exemplar behavior worthy of being copied or imitated. Inspires others through irrefutable conduct.

Good Conscience; The internal sense of governing your thoughts and actions by allowing your core values to be your guide for what is fair and reasonable.

Unlike your fingerprints, character is not something with which you are born, without a chance to alter and improve. Every individual is charged with the responsibility of building and forming their own character.

If you do not live by this, then your character will begin to change, and it will not change for the good. I have seen men work hard to reach higher positions, positions with more responsibility and power, only to see them become selfish and self-seeking when they reach their goals. When this happens they begin to lose followers as their egos interfere with their true skills. Usually the first skill lost to ego is the ability to listen and then the loss of personal warmth begins to alienate others. If you feel this occurring, stop, and then reevaluate your position before you lose creditability. You owe it to yourself and all those who respect you, to always do your best.

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Gary Bergenske believes in leading others the same way he lives and manages his own life, with desire and passion. His success, although self motivated has been made with the help of others because of his talent to communicate ideas and goals. He has taken on a second calling in a mission to influence others in a positive way. His focus is in helping others reach their full leadership potential.

As a motivational speaker, he has delivered his inspirational message on leadership, teamwork, and communicating at engagements throughout the United States. He can be contacted for speaking engagements or to purchase his books and audio CD’s at