En.light.en.ing – to give spiritual or intellectual thought to

Think about this – Our external environment is a reflection of our mental and emotional condition.

Now drop down into your heart and take a look around. Do your feelings match your desktop or your garage? Are you always searching for something? Are you often overwhelmed? Are you over-extended? Where are you on your priority list? If you are nodding your head or saying yes out loud let‘s get real with it, let’s break it down.

Organized is a relative term. Having an organized desk top, organized schedule or organized home means something different to everyone. The key question to ask in each and every space is “How’s that workin’ for you? (I’m channeling Dr. Phil). And the truth is that we have to really get honest, I mean REALLY honest, about what is working for us. We can’t let the fear of taking action allow us to convince ourselves that it’s working for us. Nor can we continue to allow excuses for what creates stress in our lives – there is choice in everything we do – sometimes we have to look a little deeper for it.

So what if you say, “I work and I don’t have time to be organized.” I say emphatically you can’t afford NOT to be organized. Imagine taking a few minutes before you run out the door in the morning to pick a few things up so when you walk in the door at the end of the day it “feels” better. Breathe. Imagine taking a few minutes each night before bed to set the things you need by the door so you don’t rush around in the morning. Breathe. Imagine taking a few minutes each week to plan meals so you don’t have to spend the money and calories to eat out. Breathe. Really, it only has to take a few minutes, when our hair is not on fire, to gain so much on the other side.

What if it were as simple as “You deserve to take a few minutes of time for yourself today to avoid the stress tomorrow?” Look at that statement and how it feels when you say “I deserve it”. Do you believe it? I mean really believe that you deserve to take the time for you?

Professional organizers are almost always high energy “doers” and “givers”. We want to help people find solutions for their own stress and disorganization. While I have always been organized and work well with a goal in sight I have been “enlightened” lately about life and the stuff attached to it. I have been comforted by the retail therapy…until the bill comes. I have been comforted by the chocolate bar…until I feel nauseous. The common denominator was always that I was searching externally to be comforted. Millions and millions of Americans do this with shopping, collecting and hanging on to stuff.

I challenge you now, as I have challenged myself, to look at whether the stuff around you is adding to the amazing life you want to have or taking the very breath of life from you each day! Yes it sounds dramatic, but it’s true, we may have become numb to it or deny that it affects us to the degree it does, but clutter and disorganization creates stress. You know it’s true…

So where do you begin? You just do. Write down three things you can do to feel more organized and do them consistently. Maybe it’s the three I gave you above. Do this for you because you deserve it. Talk to a friend, get an accountability partner, hire a professional if you can, take a single action to get the momentum going. You can do it!

Author's Bio: 

Kelli Wilson is a professional organizer and owner of A Simple Plan Consulting. Kelli started A Simple Plan in 2005 with the intention to help others reduce stress and find serenity by reducing clutter and streamlining their homes. Kelli is President of the Sacramento Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers, a disciplined martial artist and mother of two. She strives for serenity in her life which she knows is contagious to those who desire it. Kelli can be reached at 916 765 6104 or Kelli@asimpleplanconsulting.com. Her website is www.asimpleplanconsulting.com