You have probably heard the saying that people are "funny" about money. This saying highlights that when it comes to money issues, lots of people get very emotional. Whether you have a lot or you have a little -- your emotions become involved when we look at our bank statments or open our checkbooks.

Did you know that your emotions can gently guide you to improved wealth for yourself and your family? Using your emotions appropriately can help you create the best opportunities to earn money and develop investments.

Listen to your emotions. Begin at the beginning and just listen to your emotions. What have your emotions been trying to tell you, that you simply have been pushing away? What are you not listening to them?

A constant state of worry over your financial situation is an indication of lack. Because your thoughts are about your lack of abundance, you emit an energy field that resonates with scarcity. According to the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy. So if you are giving off negative vibes, you will continue to attract situations of not having enough. Negative states such as fear, anger and frustration also obstruct the free flow of abundance to you.

On the other hand, if you are in a state of gratitude and always happy with what you have, you emit an energy field of abundance. Because of the Law of Attraction, you attract outcomes that vibrate in the same frequency as wealth.

Respect your emotions as they arise. Some of your emotions may seem childish or trivial but they happen for a reason. They provide important clues for what you feel inside and indicate the areas that you need to work on, in order to improve your financial state.

Hence, thank your emotions for coming. Be grateful you are experiencing your emotions. There are people who bottle up their emotions for years and never experience them.
What emotions are missing? This is an important question. Are you never angry? Never afraid? Never happy? Never anxious? This is a signal, because you are most likely still avoiding experiencing your emotions and may need some help discovering them. A professional counselor can help you get in touch with your feelings. It is worth it -- you'll be leading a more authentic life. When you can do the things you are happy at and are a generally more positive person, you can find it easier to attract better outcomes.

Admittedly if you have been feeling negative for a long time, becoming positive is not going happen overnight. It takes work to release and clear your negative emotions of worry, anger and fear. Still, you will find that as you let go of them layer by layer, you will begin to feel more light and joyous. In a more positive emotional state, you are better able to attract abundance.

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