While many debate the politics of terror and experience the absence of self- confidence, we see how much of the world's thinking is driven and handicapped by fear and loss.

The need for healing any past painful memories of abuse or neglect that might have eroded a sense of balance and inspiration is essential if you are to differentiate between the true and the false.

Life is built around Truth Principles even though it is in a constant state of change and you are confronted with challenges and limitations.

Your feelings are worth a fortune!

People who vibrate from hope, aspiration, courage, and patience have an innate ability to withstand hardship and sustain prolonged efforts or stressful situations. This is because they have an inner conviction or "knowing" that helps them to avoid repeatedly succumbing to the narrowness or meanness of small-minded people.

They realize that there are certain kinds of personalities that seek pleasure by constantly and repeatedly trying to stir them up and irritate them and undermine their efforts to live consciously and creatively.

When you continually do battle with those who interrupt or upset the natural balance in relationships and destroy your tranquility, this serves only to scatter your forces and ultimately to deplete your own system.

Focusing on those who are sapping your energy, you become untied, uncentered and less able to deal effectively with life's greater challenges.

Your mind is the gateway to reality so develop mindfulness.

Each of us has a "memory box" filled with beliefs that limit our judgment and misguide us.

As we investigate the Law of Identical Harvest (causes and effects) we will cast light on our prejudices and recycle any repressed energy we have on implanted taboos, biases and opinions that we learned.

Inquire! Reach to understand the clues behind your experiences. Develop your capacity to choose your own ideas, build new beliefs and you will take action in new directions.

As you grow in awareness you become empowered

Reclaiming your power from small-minded people and lower emotional frequencies will assist you in meeting any emergency with clarity, patience, focus, and courage.

Keep on believing in your Imagination, for it is Imagination that is the power of your life!

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Melissa Zollo, imagination and self motivation specialist, is the author of "Discover the Power of Imagination" and "How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money." CD audio programs. FREE daily tips and newsletter available at www.PresentMemory.com.[All work by author is copyright protected. If you distribute this article, please do not edit content.]

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