Holistic health embraces optimum functioning in five key areas of well-being. These are spiritual, emotional, relationships, health and fitness and finances/career. Depletion in any one area pulls down the holistic health of the entire person, because each area of our life relates and is interdependent on the others to some intrinsic extent.

Let’s have some fun now:

On an A4 size sheet of paper draw a three equal-sided pyramid. Now draw four equi-distant horizontal lines inside the pyramid. In the top section write ‘spiritual’. Underneath that, and filling each subsequent space, write emotional, relationships, health and fitness, and finally on the lowest level, put finances and career. Now you have a visual of your holistic health portfolio. You can set out to examine each level to see your present position of wellness or need. Where you find you would most like to adjust and upgrade, choose that level to work on first.

Ask simple questions to assess where you are in relation to each specific level. These are just some sample questions you can ask as you explore each level of your holistic health pyramid. The aim is to broaden your understanding and uplift your self-esteem and expertise at each level of your pyramid.

For spirituality you might ask: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Why am I here?

Is understanding my deeply spiritual aspects a priority for me now? Would expanding my experience and understanding of myself spiritually, empower me to move ahead in the other levels? Which specific spiritual experience will I pursue and try to understand more fully? How can I develop and expand my consciousness in this area of spirituality?

Move on to the emotional level. Do you pay heed to your intuition? Do you allow your feelings to show you your deepest desires? Do you suppress your emotions through fear of becoming vulnerable? How do you feel about who you think you are? Go even deeper and get real with your questions.

On to relationships. Who do you want to be, as you interact with other people? Do you seek personal validation through what others think of you? How empowered does this make you feel? Do you try to give rather than take in your relationships? Again, go deeper and get real with your questions.

With health and fitness, you will know more easily where you stand. Through your body you interact with this physical world. How important is it that you keep your body in optimum shape and fitness? Do you eat fresh and healthy foods that fuel your body for optimum vitality or do you choose heavy, lifeless foods that weigh you down?

Finally, finances and career. Explore what money and career mean to you in terms of self appreciation and self identity rather than in dollar amounts. Do you need money to feel valuable? How much do you charge for your services? Is this your true worth? Think deeply about the control money has over your life. You may choose to loosen its grip.

Life is fundamentally a game, and you are here to experience all the drama and excitement, the fun and challenges of that game. It’s about meeting each challenge as it comes along and enjoying the thrill of the game experience. Create your life for balance and true holistic health and therefore holistic wealth, and discover within, your own magnificent self.

Author's Bio: 

Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and life coach, is working for the transformation of consciousness on the planet. An expanded consciousness is forming and higher energies call to every heart. For more information go to holisticwealthcreation.com and see Marie's blog at holisticwealthcreation.com/blog.