For a product to be an effective anti aging supplement, it must provide clinically tested nutrients that can reverse the aging clock at the DNA level. These nutrients must also be shown to protect and repair DNA, and to prevent DNA mutation. It should also quite possibly reduce the risk of cancer ,prevent the risk of heart attacks and preserve cells at a more youthful level.

The loss of DNA markers called methyl groups( also known as CH3)is perhaps the primary mechanism of aging in the cells. Aging is therefore regulated and programmed by the gradual loss of the methyl groups from DNA. Degenerative death occurs when approximity 40% of the methyl groups are lost.

All of the factors known to cause aging accelerate the loss of methyl groups from DNA. Factors that accelerate the loss of methyl groups are ,stress, poor nutrition, poor or low vitamin intake, too little exercise, environmental toxins, smoking and radiation.

It follows then that any intervention that slows , stops, and reverses methyl group loss from DNA is in essence slowing, stopping and even reversing the signs of aging.

The most sensitive and effective test for determining the rate of methyl group loss from DNA , measures a blood chemical homocysteine. Homocysteine is an amino acid by-product of food metabolism. It contributes to atherosclerosis, reduces the flexibility of blood vessels, and increases clotting by making platelets stickier and slows blood flow. Studies show a direct positive correlation between high serum homocysteine levels and the risk of heart attack and stroke.
A high homocysteine level is also associated with Alzheimer's disease, as well as depression, multiple sclerosis, menopausal symptoms, and rheumatoid arthritis.

The higher the homocysteine level the greater the rate of methyl group loss from DNA. The homocysteine level in a teenager measures 4 to 6 points and it tends to rise 1 to 2 points every decade, so that at age 60 to 70 years of age, the level is typically 12 to 15 or sometimes even higher.Dropping the homocysteine level by 5 points can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 50%

Perhaps the single most powerful homocysteine lowering nutrient is trimethylglycine also known as TMG. This molecule has three methyl groups to donate, hence the prefix “tri”methyl.It is also known as betaine, because it is a natural substance derived from sugar beets.

Previous research has shown that high dosage betaine can reduce the risk of mortality, the first year after a heart attack from 25% to 0%.In addition high dosage betaine in conjunction with vitamin cofactors, has been the only intervention that has permitted women with genetically high homocysteine levels to conceive and deliver normally. In other persons with high homocysteine,adding betaine has reversed neurological defects, and caused grey hair to darken and lost hair to regrow.

Laser treatment of betaine has shown dramatic molecular effects, that favour greater biological activity. Crystals grown using Dr.Ovo Kaitys’ Method show a very high homogeneity compared to the irregularities and defects in the control crystals. Homogenity reduces the energy needed by enzymes to make the desired end products.

In a clinical study the formula to boosting methyl group transfers and reducing homocysteine levels contained laser treated betaine as the main component. In addition laser treated vitamin cofactors that are known to support these pathways were also included to boost fat metabolism for further cardiovascular support.

The treatment groups received increasing doses of laser enhanced methylation formulas over a 3 month period of time, whereas the placebo group(controll group) received only sugar pills.

Subjects had blood drawn every month, to check for homocysteine levels,blood counts and other metabolic tests. By the end of the study the treatment groups showed dramatic metabolic improvement ,not seen in the placebo group. Homocysteine levels for the treatment group started at double the cardiac risk of the general population, and by the end of the study was reduced to risk values even less than the general population. The reduction of homocysteine levels at every dosage level was highly statistically significant,and the overall reduction for the group suggested a 20 to 30 year physiological reduction in aging. The placebo group showed no significant change in homocysteine levels.

The study demonstrated that the laser enhanced methylation formula was the essential factor , in significantly lowering the homocysteine level and thereby improving methyl group transfer. In addition to reduced homocysteine, the treated subjects also showed significant improvement in several other clinical symptoms namely , elevation of mood, decreased body aches and pain ,reduced anxiety and anger, decreased paranoia and obsessive compulsiveness, and much decreased global system profile.( all symptoms taken together in one comprehensive score).

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Betty Hart is a retired Education Officer. She spent 45 years in this field educating children. Having served people all her life, she still desires to continue in this capacity, so she has done extensive research in the field of health. She believes in taking supplements to reverse the signs of aging and products to detoxify the body and keep it from getting diseases. She has done a lot of experimenting on herself and has identified a few very exclusive and fine products for maintaining health at a very high standard. She supplies these products to the international community from her website "a href="" target="_blank"> . Betty has also been a member of ECKANKAR for the past twenty five years. This has helped to mould her into the person she is now . A person who believes that she is a Divine Spark of God whose main purpose on Earth is to serve humanity. She tries to do this in what ever way that she can,serving with love and humility., She has chosen this field of health as she has always been interested in health products and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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