Your Life Destiny.

One of the most important things you will ever do in life is find and follow your Destiny. By “Destiny” we mean your life purpose and plan. It is a plan, a life script, NOT a predestination. It is easy to not follow your Destiny – in fact, most people do not pursue it.

You can here to things on many levels: to play, to enjoy, to participate with others, to work, to serve, to create and to leave a legacy, some improvement of the planet. All of that is part of your Destiny. The full workings of Destiny, incarnations, and your creator power while you are here on earth are known in Psycanics but beyond our discussion space here, but we do want to say this:

The earth is a sandbox for spirits; a place they come to play and get their hands dirty. Think of earth as a playground, an amusement park, a Disneyland, and above all a movie set where spirits come as actors to live out their scripts or Destiny. In the same way that you need a script to make a movie, so too do spirits plan out the major path and more important of the details of their incarnations. Nobody comes to earth without a plan for that life – if it is only to rest or just hang out. That life plan we call your Destiny.

When you are living outside of your Destiny path, life tends to be unsatisfactory and unhappy. You will not be able to manifest things very well, because any creation that is contrary to your Destiny will not manifest. Furthermore, your Oversoul, who stays outside of this reality as the Director of your movie, will be trying to guide you back into your Destiny. Life simple does not seem to work very well.

When you align with and follow your destiny, life becomes exciting. You are following your enteos (passions). That Life is exciting does mean that it is easy—on the contrary—it will challenge you and push you to your limits: that is part of the game and the drama. However, you know who you are and feel that what you are doing is an expression of that.

Everything you need, the recourses to do what you came to do, will arrive JIT (Just In Time). Life can seem to be a series of coincidences and accidents, but it is not. Everything is carefully orchestrated for your movie. You don ‘t even have to create what you need; you created it before you incarnated at the Oversoul level, at the same time you created your Destiny. Of course, you are free to decorate the path with any specific creations that you desire, and these will manifest as long as they do not interfere with your Destiny.

Life works naturally when you are following your Destiny. Nothing works well when you are not.
Psycanics: A Science of Life

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