I have discovered during my astrological researches that the Lady Luck plays the most crucial role in determining a person's success in life. Even in the most afflicted horoscopes, the person whose luck factor is high, gets through the most challenging situations with least harm on the four fronts: finance, love, profession and health. When Lady Luck is unfavorable to a person on the love front then the romances go sour, a separation or estrangement takes place, death of a partner leaving the other alone or abandoned are some of the effects. During a negative cycle the person concerned loses the favor of those he/she depends on, friends behave like foes, old wounds open and start to bleed causing unbearable pain. I have heard clients say: "When will it all end."

Saturn is a great destroyer of home or love life. Uranus brings about estrangements etc. It is my own view that a high luck factor gives a good judgment of situations and people. When the world faces great calamities or disasters, the lucky ones survive.

The luck factor can be determined by a process of elimination and assessment of the degree of afflictions in a horoscope. It must be mentioned here that more than 75% horoscopes cast are inaccurate. Listen before you react. The birth time is the key factor here. It is mostly assumed to be correct but never verified. If five babies were delivered in a hospital at one time, the recorded time of birth could be the same in the birth certificate.

A ten-minute discrepancy in the time of birth could change the rising sign or the position of the Moon, the two crucial factors in determining the future of a client. It is a good idea to match the client's physical make-up with the rising sign. Your rising sign could be Cancer but you may appear like a Leo physically. There is one more thing. Whenever the physical constitution of a person is weak (delicate) the energy will be low. Gandhi was very frail physically but was a mental giant. In all those cases where the will power is greater, the body will obey (to a point) the commands given and the person will continue to perform.

Do you know that there are people who function with forty percent of their physical potential because of a strong will? Physical energy (the animal) is of an inferior quality than the mental or spiritual forces. That's why we say: the more the animal, the more the man. Wherever the physical is greater than the mind, a person cannot deal with a disaster too long and dies soon for a lack of mental force.

All the intellectual and spiritual giants face the challenges of fate boldly. Why? Because they can place themselves in a super conscious state or suspended animation, and the physical realm cannot and will not harm them. Such a state of suspended animation can only be achieved by the practice of yoga.

The law of Karma is absolute and supreme. Any action performed by us must get good or bad results depending upon the nature of the action performed.

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Ostaro is an international astrological Consultant known for his accurate predictions of global events. He is the author of "The Art & Craft of Success: Ten Steps" and co-author of "101 Great Ways to Improve your Life, Vol 3". He has been featured in the new York Times, Daily News and Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on the David Letterman Show and Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
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