Now that tax time is once again behind us, it is a
perfect opportunity to explore our thoughts and
feelings around money.

What is our relationship with money? Do we attract
it or repel it?

Ask yourself:

What do I really believe about money? Write down
all your associations, beliefs, thoughts about
money - your earliest memories? What was money
like as a kid? What did your parents say about
it? Did they fight over it? No censorship just
write down anything that comes to mind.

You most likely believe that your experiences
have taught you what is real and what is true -
at least for you. However, what you may not know
is that your beliefs - conscious and unconscious
- have determined what you would experience.

Our beliefs and attitudes around money are the
result of our early childhood conditioning. Are
these beliefs helping you or hindering you?

Most of us want to expand our consciousness to
include all the riches life has to offer, money
included. Yet many of us are held back as a result
of these early beliefs.

And the bad news is ... more money will only
magnify our current situation!

The truth about money is that is a magnifier -
it only creates more of what you already have!
Any time you move outside your comfort zones
with money, it amplifies the circumstances of
your life.

This happens because as we obtain more money
our subconscious beliefs start getting louder.
The more money we have, the more our limiting
beliefs feel threatened.

The two most common unhealthy money beliefs are:

'I'm not worthy' (I'm not good enough); and
'money is bad'. Sure we may not say these out
loud, or even think about them on a conscious
level, but these psychological roadblocks are
what are holding us back from the wealth we
consciously desire.

As a result we will start to sabotoge our efforts
(not on purpose!) in order to maintain the same
level of beliefs.

So how can we increase our income, both in terms
of psychic and material rewards?

It all comes down to mindset.

Remember, money is a magnifier. The things you
do well will be increased as your money grows,
and those things you need to improve will also
come increase.

Here's the bottom line:

If you harbor deep insecurities, feelings of shame,
aloneness, or deprivation, you won't experience
real prosperity and abundance.

Likewise, if you carry a lot of anger and resentment
and feel trapped by your financial condition, there
is little chance for you to experience the joy and
freedom of a healthy cash flow.

Reaching the place that equals prosperity means
your inner state of being must be abundance most,
if not all, of the time. Not just for an hour or
two a day, but all of the time.

Once you have overcome the subconscious programming
that is creating limits in your life, you will feel
comfortable and secure and have faith in a positive

And then, easily and effortlessly, you will generate
whatever you need to build, sustain, and grow
prosperity and abundance. You begin to attract, on
the outside, the reflection of which is on the inside.

Change your consciousness and you will change your life!

Author's Bio: 

Karen Walker is a professional Life and Success Coach who
specializes in helping others discover their passions,
realise their goals and dreams, and create the life they
love to live. For more information visit: Activate Abundance