A lot of people talk about owning their own businesses, working for themselves, or “going out on their own” in the small business world. Few people actually take action to establish a business, and an even smaller number of people sustain a small business past five years.

As I talk with individuals, it seems that three prevailing myths stop people from pursuing their passions to create a thriving business. People believe that they don’t have enough money, don’t have enough time, or don’t know how to get started creating a business. I’d like to destroy the power of these three horrible myths so that you can build your dream into a thriving business.

Are you familiar with the idea of a stepping-stone? The phrase comes from placing a stone so that you can cross a body of water or a garden. For our purposes a stepping-stone offers a position for advancement toward a goal. If you start using stepping-stones today, you will see results with consistent action! Today, you can learn how each stepping-stone will help you to start a business, attract your first client, and improve your life!

Myth #1: You don’t have enough money to start your own business. As adults, we seem to identify needless financial barriers for ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s dollars, pounds, euros, yen, or lira—it’s all about the money. We fixate on the “if only” way of dreaming about our business ideas: “If only I had more money, then I would do what I really want to do.”

If you have a job today, you have money coming into your life now. Each day, you choose how to spend that money. To destroy this myth, your stepping-stone action is to spend your money on your dream idea. Choose any amount of money, even if it’s just a few dollars, to devote to your passion.

Where you focus your attention, you will see results. If you focus your attention on having the latest fashions, somehow, you “find” the money to buy the latest fashions. Likewise, when you choose to spend money for your dream, you will see results in the oddest and weirdest ways. It doesn’t matter what amount you choose. What matters is choosing to put your money where your heart is.

Myth #2: You don’t have enough time to start your own business. Our society is paralyzed by the “too much to do” syndrome. We have e-mail, voicemail, mobile phones, pagers, and faxes. We have work, gym and fitness clubs, kids’ activities, dates, church, yoga, and all sorts of sports activities. We don’t slow down for anything. What I’d like to suggest is that you spend time on what is important: doing what you love.

Every person on the planet gets the same amount of time each day, each week, each month, and each year. Have you ever stopped to figure how you spend your time each week? Every person on the planet has 168 hours each week to do whatever he pleases. Your stepping-stone action for the next three months is to spend one hour each week doing something that makes your heart race and your mind tingle. When you choose to do something related to your dream, you will create a new habit, a new pattern of behavior. These new patterns will create a new you and a thriving business.

Myth #3: You don’t know how to get started. It’s amazing to me how many people with fabulous talent never pursue how to make money with what they were obviously intended to do! One of my girlfriends wants to be the next Mrs. Fields (for those readers who do not live in the United States, Mrs. Fields is a well-known, multimillion-dollar cookie company started in founder Debbie Fields’s kitchen). My friend’s passion is fudge. She says, “I just don’t know what to do first. I’m known as the Fudge Lady to all the beauty salon customers. I made $500 profit last Christmas just selling fudge to customers where I get my nails done.” I was happy to tell her that she’s already in business, and then we talked about how she could expand on her success!

Your stepping-stone action is to identify the person in your life who already believes in your talent and tell that person your heart’s dream within the next 48 hours. This action takes a tremendous amount of courage. That is why it is crucial to be clear who is the best, most supportive person in your life. It might not be your spouse or your parent. It might be a friend with whom you’ve lost touch. To destroy the third myth takes a belief in yourself and one action.

Now, About That First Client . . .

If you take the stepping-stone actions described above, you will meet new people, behave differently, and create opportunities to attract your first client. Here are some specific stepping-stone actions to build your business.

Open your mouth, and tell people what you are doing! When you speak with passion and enthusiasm, it makes an impression on people. You may not ever sell anything to the person you’re telling, however, that person may tell a friend or coworker who needs your product or service. Every time you tell someone what you are doing, you are telling the universe that you are serious about following your heart and making money from what you most enjoy doing.

If you have a product, make a prototype, and ask people’s opinions on it. If you have a service, send a postcard to 50 people to offer them the service for a limited time only. When you ask people for their opinions and aren’t pushing them to buy something, typically, they will want to help you. Their suggestions can help you to improve your product or service, and they are more likely to tell other people what you’re doing after they have experienced it firsthand. People want to see you succeed. After all, your success could inspire them to follow their dreams!

Do not be afraid to try, try, and try again! Most successful businesspeople will tell you that they failed several times before succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. Aren’t you worth the effort to improve your life and live your dreams?

It only takes one action, and today is the day to do what you love!

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