There are many reasons to lose weight, but one of the most important is your health. The bottom line is that if you are overweight, chances are there are parts of your diet that are not healthy.

Of course, we can list other reasons to lose weight – to look better, or fit in a particular outfit – but of all the reasons to lose weight, improving your health is one of the most compelling.

Unfortunately, many people wait until things get really bad before they make changes to their diet – it is thus not until they have a serious illness (heart attack, stroke etc), or their doctor warns them of imminent problems, that they finally do something about the way they eat.

But why wait until it gets that bad? If your car develops a funny noise, you don’t wait until the wheel falls off and you crash until you get it fixed, so why would you do that to your body?

When you look at it that way, you realize that excess weight is like a warning light on your dashboard – there’s a problem, deal with it!

Of course, knowing about a problem is not the same as fixing it. Just about everyone who is over weight and eats poorly knows at some level that what they are doing is not good for them, but actually doing something about it is hard – that’s why you need help.

With weight loss, that means help in setting appropriate goals, changing bad habits, and staying on track. A program like The Ultimate Weight Loss Motivation program can help you to deal with the mental side of weight loss, which is the most difficult. This program will help you discover your many personal reasons for losing weight.

Where you’ll find this type of help crucial is when you actually start trying to adopt healthy eating habits – like most people, you have probably tried various diets and eating programs in the past, without long term success. The problem with most diets is that they expect you to stick with them on willpower alone – and we all know how strong willpower is!

But what if instead of willpower, you had discovered a way to really WANT to eat differently? What if instead of needing discipline, you had personal motivation? Instead of eating that apple or celery stick because you felt you had to, you would do it because you wanted to, because that is what YOU do!

If you have the mental side under control, healthy eating can actually be quite simple. There are some foods to avoid, and others that should form the bulk of your diet.

Foods to avoid:

When we talk about these types of food, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat them, it simply means that you should eat them occasionally, not as a part of your everyday diet, and you should understand the consequences, what they do to your body .

  • Chips
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Sodas (diet or regular)
  • Excessive alcohol
  • French Fries
  • Junk food/fried food
  • Ready made meals
  • Highly processed foods

    Most of these contain an excess of sugar, fat (especially trans fats), salt, chemicals, and calories. They mess with your body’s chemistry, your energy levels, your weight, your moods.

    So what do you eat? A healthy diet includes:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Whole grains carbs – bread, rice, pasta etc.
  • Lean (low fat) protein – meat, fish, dairy, eggs, unsalted nuts
  • Water

    When you combine these foods you will have a diet packed with essential micronutrients and fibre that will break down slowly in your stomach, releasing energy gradually.

    If you ditch the junk and eat a diet based around these foods, you will look and feel better.

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    Ali’s passion centers around goal setting and motivation. Ali holds a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology, and has tested her principles of change on many clients that she has counselled. Ali has the most comprehensive FREE ONLINE weight loss motivation program on the internet.

    This program contains a series of highly unique and transformational questions that will assist you in your weight loss program, whatever it might be. You will address issues of motivation – which is a key component to following through with your weight loss goals. What’s more, is it also helps you identify those malicious mental files, those stubborn limiting beliefs that are holding you back.