Nothing is as hard as trying to cope up with a relationship when it is over. What started as two hearts coming together into a wonderful relationship suddenly encounters bad time and breaks up causing a lot of pain. Usually the break up is connected to the heart as it all started there. So the pain is an invisible pain effecting the emotions and disturbing the mind. So where do you go looking for a solution to this most subtle and emotionally killing problem?

So what are the things people generally do after their relationship is over? Depression, frustration and anger are common to all people suffering a break up. These emotions lead to binge eating, addictions to drugs and alcohol, self destruction, lowered self esteem and confidence etc. the feeling of being rejected is so high that it affects the productivity and daily routine. A sense of unworthiness and loneliness is so great that people either shut themselves inside the home or try to stay away by roaming around aimlessly. Whatever the emotion or the actions following them one should always remember that what is done cannot be undone.

Stop All Contacts

After seeing above the kind of reactions people follow when a relationship ended now its time to see what to avoid. Some keep sending messages and missed calls just to show how much the miss their partner. They don't realize that this action is just going to worsen their relationship. Moreover it is a sign of weakness and helplessness on your part. It shows how much you were dependant mentally and emotionally on the person who just broke off to have a better life or for a better partner. Remember that once broken it can never be patched up and even if it comes together again the scares are always there.

Stop Going Out of The Way

When a relationship is over people suddenly started eating, drinking or dating too much then be sure you want to take a toll on your own emotions by doing these things. Accept things and start a new much mature and independent life devoid of any emotional bondage or held up. Taste the new fresh freedom from being single again and try to make the best use of it by enjoying your life. Go for a complete make over and when you look better you will feel much better. So when you feel better your self esteem and confidence levels increase and this creates a new aura around you which will attract other people's attention including your ex's.

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