Scientists who study the brain tell us that we only use 5% of our actual brain in our daily lives. Ever wonder what the other 95% is for? Shamans know that what we see in this physical world is only 5% of everything that is here. What of the 95% that is not manifested on the physical plane? Is it possible that the other 95% of our brain is for living in the other 95% of everything that is here? The Shaman says yes!

The medicine wheel is an ancient and sacred form of prayer among Native Americans. But the circle is a universal symbol that stretches right through all of time to the first created thing. The circle represents the cosmos, both the macrocosm and the microcosm of our own lives. The circle represents the world, the big universe and the tiny atom. And we stand as a point in the center of this circle; as unique points of light created out of the unformed whole.

The circle is traditionally divided into four parts, north, south, east and west; or another way to see these directions is as our physical self, our mental self, our emotional self and our spiritual self. The four directions make up the cosmos in ancient teachings. The four parts of man make up the totality of man. Now, if you picture yourself within a circle and each direction represents a part of yourself, in which part are you standing right now? Are you mostly in the emotional quarter of the pie? Or are you mostly in the mental quarter of the circle? Or the physical or spiritual quarters? That is where the dot that is you is in this circle. The object is to get that dot in the very middle of the circle. How do we do that? By balancing our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical selves, each in themselves and then together as one balanced unit called “you” sitting in the center of that circle.

When you can find that balance even for just a few moments and it is your intent, you will be shot up and out of the circle like a rocket into space and suddenly you will be beyond the physical universe and looking at, aware of, a much larger cosmos. It is like your mind expands into infinity and you are observing earth from far out in outer space. You are floating out there over and above everything you thought was the extent of reality and now amazed to find that there is all this that is real too! It is an awesome eye opening experience and all you need to do is find that point in the center of your circle to experience this! It is not difficult.

When you have balance and awareness, the first two lessons in my course, then you open the doors to this whole other 95% of what is here, what is put here for you to experience in your lifetime. Remember that song “Is that all there is?” Well here it all is! From the first time that you are propelled like a rocket into this outer space you begin to use the other 95% of your brain. This is why you have it. This is what is meant by a Shaman walking with one foot in this world and one foot in the next. Welcome to the brave new world of the ancient Shaman.

It is here that abundance begins; it is here that healing is first accomplished. It is here that dreams come true long before they slow down in frequency and vibration enough to be seen in the physical world. Why would anyone not want to access this 95% of reality? All it takes is balance and awareness.

Some people feel that this physical world, which is only 5% of the whole thing, is all that there is. We were all taught that the most important thing is to survive in this physical world. But the other 95% has been lost to most people for a very long time. Your parents probably weren’t aware of it, or your grandparents or great parents. It just isn’t taught and has not been taught in the modern world for a long time. But when you experience the other 95% through balance and awareness and this rocket ship ride you can take anytime at all, you realize that the physical, although necessary to your body, is really small beans compared to the whole 100%. Here is where the Taoists and Buddhists and Transcendentalists are coming up with their philosophies. And this 100% is what all Shamans around the world in every culture and time period throughout the ages have been living in and working in, this 100%.

I don’t think it is any secret at all. I think that it is just left out of our training in modern times. And I think we need to realize it once again. The Shaman teaches his or her apprentice how to work in this other 95%: how to manifest healing, self healing, joy, abundance, peace into the physical world through working in this greater reality. If this is 95% of what we have, then we are 95% made up of this unmanifested reality, the reason for the other 95% of our brains. This is what the Shaman works with and teaches others to work with. This 95% contains the ingredients to cause, while the physical world is the manifestation. The Shaman teaches the skills necessary to create cause and those skills are intent, impeccability, and knowledge.

When you first get that rocket ship ride and first glimpse at the true nature of everything you will immediately recognize that everything is one thing, that everything is connected, you will see the oneness that is the 100% and you will see yourself as part and whole of this Oneness. Some call this Oneness God or Creator. You will recognize the utter beauty and consuming love of this 100% and never want to leave this wholeness to come back to just the mere physical world again. I guarantee it! And as soon as you see all this you will begin to analyze and categorize and define and you will knock yourself off balance into the mental part of your circle, and thud, down you come right back to the physical reality!

Anyone can have this experience and it is the first experience I teach in my Shaman Apprenticeship 101. Once you have experienced this you will realize that there is so much more here than just this physical world we see with our physical eyes.

As we work together on balance, I teach you how to see better in the other 95%. These physical senses are great for working on the physical plane but they don’t help much on the non-physical bigger plane. But we are all given inner senses to navigate in this inner, outer space. Yes, we all have inner eyes and inner noses and inner hearing and more but since we never considered the other 95% we never developed the senses for that 95%. We were taught to develop only what we needed on the physical plane. I know that many of you are saying, “I knew that there was more here than just this job and this house and this bill to pay!” There sure is!

So I teach how to develop your inner senses. It is very much like learning a new language and sure it takes time and practice but as you go, it is like a child learning to read. Bit by bit your awareness of the other 95% of what is here grows and sharpens and you can see it and hear it and maneuver in it and learn to work with it and that is exactly what a Shaman does.

A true shaman learns to work in his full 100% in order to bring healing to everything within that 100%. Some see it as a matrix connecting everything to everything and the Shaman uses that matrix to produce healing both for people and for the whole united web of creation. Time and distance are physical world ideas. The Shaman learns to travel on this matrix where time and distance are not limitations. The Shaman learns to see the full 100% of each created thing and to heal not just the physical level but also the whole being. The healing Shaman dedicates his or her life to this healing and balancing and unifying of all things to the complete aggregation of the One.

Now, obviously Shamans aren’t the only ones who can access this greater reality. I just said that anyone can access it with balance and awareness, as it is truly the major portion of who and what we wholly are. The Shaman uses this for healing. Many people use this greater plane of reality for healing. But some use it for their own ulterior motives. Some cause negative energies to be created here and when these negative energies slow down in vibration and frequency they manifest on the physical plane as negative things. So there are millions of negative energies as well as positive energies created and zooming around and through each one of us every day right there in this physical world.

What energy do you allow into your 100%? We all have free will choice. Even plants and rocks have a free will. What are you doing with your free will? Are you making your own decisions or are you letting other energies influence you or even worse control you? This is where intention and impeccability come into play. What is your intention, because that is what you will cause to happen. And your intention can only be as good as you are. If you are the very best you can be and you do the very best you can do and you think the very best you can think then your intent will be very powerful indeed. If you want something, but you also have a reason to not have that something, then kiss it goodbye. Is your intention positive or negative? Negative attracts all kinds of other negatives; positive attracts all sorts of positives. What do you want to attract into your physical plane of existence today? It is all about intent. It is all about being all that you can be.

The Shaman knows this and spends his or her life learning to be impeccable within the limits of human nature. The Shaman spends his or her life learning to form an unbendable intent. The strength of that intent combined with the force of emotion is the cause. It will produce an effect. The most powerful emotional force to create positive cause is love. Once you have your rocket ship blast off from that center point in your circle and you get out here to this greater reality you will know exactly what this kind of love feels like. It will be the first thing you will feel on your maiden voyage: awe; a huge wow of sacred togetherness of all that has ever been created. I hope you do get to feel this, as it will change your concept of love entirely. Once you taste it you are addicted to love. Just once is not enough. And this is the love that powers your intent into physical manifestation, whether that intent is healing or prosperity or peace or love. If your intent is less than this love contains, then your intent goes nowhere. If you wish to abuse the power that you have in this 95% then you just create negative after negative to manifest in your physical world. Good luck to you.

Everything created has free will. It is your free will choice to have this experience and finally re-member the other 95% of who and what you are. Some call this “coming home”. Or you have the free will choice to just struggle on in just the 5% you can see around you and be devastated every time something happens to one of your physical possessions, because that is all you think you have. If you are aware of your full 100%, when something happens on the physical plane it is only affecting 5% of your whole reality. It just doesn’t seem so devastating when you look at it this way. There is a peace here I hope you are beginning to see. There is a freedom here that you have been looking for. There is a joy here that no one can take away from you that goes way beyond the 5% you have been struggling to survive in. It is the 100% of you. It is finding your wholeness and finally realizing that you are so much more than just your physical self.

This is what I teach. This is what the Shaman knows.


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