Did you know that stress is a choice?

That's right - you choose the cause of your stress
by the choices you make with the following stressors:
Breathing, Environment, Attitude, and Nutrition. [B E A N]

Your Breathing...

Check your breathing to see when it is jammed, natural,
reversed or shallow.

Holding your breath until after you have completed an
activity (talking, walking, etc.) creates a physical response,
a stress reaction.

What is your physical response, your stress reaction?

For natural normal breathing, your chest and belly expands
when you breathe in and deflates when you breathe out.

[Caution: Go slow. Attempting to fix your breathing style
by taking in more oxygen than your body knows may cause
hyperventilation. If this occurs, cup your hands lightly over
your mouth (rather than look for a paper bag) and breathe
in and out slowly. You can do this while sitting or standing,
preferably sitting.]

Are you able to follow your breath as it moves through your

Your Environment...

Living, shopping, and working in sick-buildings and under
fluorescent lights create stress reactions.

What allergens do you live with every day?

Your Attitude...

Blaming others for your situation makes you the victim
and this creates stress reactions.

Thinking positively rather than negatively, and using
questions that begin with what and how rather than
who, when, and why helps you take control of your life.

When you feel like crying, cry. Crying is one way your
body releases your stress reactions.

Your Nutrition...

Drinking caffeine creates stress reactions.

Eating three meals and two snacks a day works wonders.

Eating white products -- sugar, white flour, white rice --
creates stress reactions.

Fresh fruit and vegetables help reduce your stress reactions.

What about nitrates and preservatives? Are they in the foods
you eat?

Bottom line: There are no "stress management pills" that
help you take control of your life, so go ahead and share
your feelings, don't act on them. Instead, discover that your
stress matters and how to live with less of your stress reactions.

Yes, you are able to live with less stress reactions each
and every day; the choice is yours. Discover your choices;
do it now.

Your body is telling you what choices to make.


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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D., founder and CEO of The Baum Group/Dr. Rae and Associates, is a Bioenergetic Analyst Stress Management Educator Entrepreneur offering individual, group, business and corporate services.

As a Bioenergetic Analyst with a private practice for 36 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, Dr. Rae has taught and lectured nationally and internationally in educational, organizational and clinical settings for 42 years.

As a leading expert in the field of body-mind connection, communications, goal and value clarification, group process, innovative teaching, stress education and management, team and relationship building, Dr. Rae began teaching at the age of 16 and has taught grades from kindergarten through graduate school in secular, religious, formal and informal settings. She has designed, developed and coordinated adult informal education programs and facilitated humanistic education and awareness development programs at educational institutions, universities, colleges, businesses and corporations.

Author and presenter, Dr. Rae has been asked to deliver her expertise on the body-mind connection; communications; self-discovery and stress education and management to front line employees, adults under stress, arthritic patients, college faculty, job counselors, health professionals, community groups, students, educational organizations and corporations. Dr. Rae has contributed to the University of Pittsburgh publication Survey of World Conflicts, 1969; and has developed and published a "process oriented" curriculum geared toward self-directed learning. Dr. Rae has published Getting A Handle On Your Stress. It has received international acclaim and was available at the University of Pittsburgh Book Center prior to being available on Your Stress Matters.

Dr. Rae and her Associates -- using their vision of encouraging and supporting you with their creativity and enthusiasm -- have just completed the Motivational News You Can Use eBook.

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Dr. Rae is also working on a StressHandbook and an autobiographical novel.

Dr. Rae has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. She completed her undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh, and received a Bachelor of Science degree (cum laude) in 1969, a Master of Education degree in 1971, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1981. She graduated from the Connecticut Society for Bioenergetic Analysis in 1982. She is listed in the Fifth Edition of Who's Who in American Education, the Nineteenth Edition of Who's Who in the East, the Twentieth Edition of Who's Who of American Women, and is listed in the Twenty-Ninth Edition of Who's Who in Finance and Industry. In recognition of her service to Education, she has been nominated and selected as International Woman of the Year 1992-1993, and is listed in the Twelfth Edition of The World's Who's Who of Women. Dr. Rae offers a "holistic approach" in the areas of working style and program design for personal growth and organizational development, education, and management training. Her client roster includes personnel from chemical sales and services; computer programming; education; engineering and development; financial; real estate; restaurant; small business companies; and corporations.

As a bioenergetic analyst, Dr. Rae provides stress education through the discipline of Bioenergetic Analysis. She is the on-line professional of the Your Stress Matters site on the World Wide Web and moderator of the business related stress forum on Your Stress Matters Forum/Chat Room/Message Board.

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Dr. Rae and her Associates have collaborated with Dr. Yehudit Freuer from Israel in offering Brelax, a Cardiac Rehabilitation program, made possible by a grant from the Israeli Health Ministry and tested with significant results at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

Dr. Rae has been honored by Your Business Bulletin Board as January 1998 Member of the Month; a nd has served on the Education Committee of SMC/Pennsylvania Small Business. She is listed in the data bank of the Greater Pittsburgh Commission for Women. She is a life member of the Ladies Hospital Aid Society, and has been a member of the Executive Women's Council, the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, and the Competitive Edge, an association of corporate and community leaders interested in increasing their position by developing ties with others who are also committed to personal and community success.