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I write this based on my own experience as an Editor/Publisher of Arigola e-Millionaire Newsletter.

I shake my head often every time I receive ads submitted by either new or current subscribers every week. I never just cut and paste the ads and then do some nice touch up, so they will look good, inviting and "yummy" to click. (Of course, there are some people who do it right! Thanks!:^))

There is always a lot of work to do. It makes me wonder why they just cannot follow simple guidelines to make everybody's life easier. Including theirs. If I just don't care and simply cut and paste their ads the way they sent me, their URLs won't work. Neither their "mailtos". Then we both get troubles.

Yes, I can ignore those ads and do not publish them. But I hate to do so.

That's why I write you these tips to make sure that your ads get published, to help you get the most out of them and to make your ezine publishers' lives a lot easier:

(1) Always include "http://" every time you write your URLs. Using just "" won't work. It won't appear as a clickable link. And believe me, unless your ad says, "Click Me, and I send you $1,000 cash!", only one in a million persons who will cut and paste your URL into his/her browser and then press "Enter".

(2) Always write your email address like this:
" ". Always use "mailto:". No space. Otherwise, it won't work either. You'll get 0 people who ask you for more info about whatever you are promoting.

(3) Never use too many (!) like this!!!!!!!! Or too many (.) like this............ It sounds or looks like hype and, see, it doesn't look good in any ezine pages. Including the one you are reading now.

(4) Use Notepad and type the following as your first line:

This is a 65-chars line.

If your ezine publisher only allows you to send a 60-chars- per-line ad, it will look like this:

If 55-chars, like this:

Well, you get the picture.

(5) Set the window of your Notepad following the length of your first line you set as shown above. Once you do it that way, you have a definite ruler. You know where your line limit is.

(6) Always press "Enter" button, once your writing reaches the line limit. It will prevent your ad or email message from having "funny looking" problems. Too long in one line. Too short in another.

By following step 1 to 6 accordingly, you do yourself and your ezine publishers a favor. Your ad will look clean and neat. And it is a "Cut and Paste Ready" ad. The question now is how to get it clicked. Read on.

(7) Always put your most powerful benefit as your headline. The one that definitely has the strongest stopping power. Features are not benefits. "Triclosan Formula" is one of the features of Pepsodent. Make your teeth Stronger and Whiter are its benefits. To offer something for FREE which your readers have to pay to get it at other sites is the best headline I know to get tons of clicks.

(8) Then "hypnotize" your readers by carefully selecting words for your body message. By imposing curiosity into their reading minds. By letting them ask "what's next?" and try to get the answer until they finish reading your ad.

(9) Don't talk to a mass of people. Talk to a single person. When your readers read your ad, he/she is alone, even though there are thousands of people reading it at the same time.

(10) Always put passion into your writing. It will "tie" your readers' eyes and drag them to follow your message until the last dot. Like this (.)

(11) If you don't have passion, buy one. :^)

(12) To master the skill to write ads, email, and sales letters that sell, I highly recommend Marlon Sander's course: The Amazing Ad Copy Secrets--Revealed! at:

Marlon guarantees that his teachings will work for you. If you have followed them and do not get the expected results, he will give you 100% refund + his products worth $1,300 for FREE.

(13) After everything is set-up, do me one more favor, send your ad in TEXT format. Never use HTML. Why? Because even though it looks great in your HTML Editor, you'll never know how it will look in your Ezine Publishers' email clients! I once had to copy and paste an ad line by line because of this HTML issue.

That's all, folks! I really hope that everytime you send your ad, it get published and tons of visitors who will earn you profits.


Rizky Nur Zamzamy is an Editor of Arigola e-Millionaire Newsletter who currently build a website to help you set-up your own Hot Selling e-books with unlimited resell rights online store. Send a blank email to to subscribe to his ezine or visit to build your e-book business.


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Rizky Nur Zamzamy is an Award Winning Creative Director of an Advertising Agency and Editor of Arigola e-Millionaire Newsletter. Send a blank email to or visit