People yearn to be rich, yes even people on the spiritual path yearn to be rich but many of you on the spiritual path deny this yearning. In fact, many people on the spiritual path, secretly want nothing to do with money because it has been a painful or stressful part of their lives. Spiritual people who refuse to acknowledge their desire to have money in abundance are, to put it succinctly, kidding themselves.

Money, in and of itself, is neutral. It is neither good or bad, it is simply a tool we need in this lifetime in order to survive and to do the work we want to do. As long as we see money in opposition to the spiritual path, we will experience conflict around money and always be in a constant state of turmoil when it comes to our financial affairs.

Don't you realize that our church leaders and our greatest spiritual teachers experience money in abundance. The head of every religion experiences financial abundance and they have access to the best money can buy. The Pope has plenty of material abundance in his life. Pat Robertson has plenty of money and so does Robert Schuller along with Oral Robert's. Yes, even Billy Graham has plenty of money and so do the leaders of every other spiritual and religious organization on this earth. Even Mother Teresa had access to an abundance of money in doing her work of feeding the poor and healing the sick. Although she didn't personally possess money (a choice she made) she had access to it, to use it as she wished. She had money to build her organization and house and feed all the nuns who worked with her. She had money to travel the world over spreading her message of helping the poor.

All of the great spiritual writers of our time have plenty of money. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsh and the Dalia Lama have plenty of money at their disposal, so why don't you?

How many of your problems would be solved if you had enough money? Why do you resist having money? Do you think you are not entitled to money because you are on the spiritual path? Do you look down your nose at money? Are you secretly afraid that you are not good enough or smart enough to have money come into your life in abundance?

Many people on the spiritual path actually hate money. They hate money because they have seen how people have used money to manipulate, control and dominate them. They have witnessed how money has caused problems between people. They have read about people cheating, stealing, lying and killing other people for money and they don't want to be like those people. They have also experienced a lot of pain in their own lives in regards to disputes and arguments with other people over money matters.

Since they don't want to experience pain around money anymore and don't know how to acquire, manage and keep money without effort, struggle, pain and worry, they reject the notion of financial abundance. They are only interested in enough money that allows them to get by, to survive. They don't give themselves permission to allow money to come into their lives in abundance that would allow them to experience the kind of financial freedom that is their birthright

People on the spiritual path, who are financially prosperous, have a different understanding of what it means to be rich than those individuals, on the spiritual path, who are still struggling financially. Being rich is not about having a million dollars in the bank. Being rich,from a spiritual point of view, is knowing you can make as much money as you need to make, when you need to make it, without relying on other people such as an employer to supply you with the security of a regular paycheck.

Being rich is knowing you have the ability to generate all the cash you need, when you need it, without being dependent on anyone in particular. Being rich, from a spiritual point of view, is a liberating experience because your security, in knowing that money will always be there for you, comes from within and is not dependent on anyone or anything outside of yourself.

In other words, when you acquire money through the application of spiritual principles, you are no longer held hostage by a system which, today, has become a sophisticated form of slavery (economic). In today's economy people no longer work to live, they live to work. The quality of their lives and the state of their health is being diminished because they are in bondage to an economic system that no longer serves their own best interests. Contrary to public opinion, money is not the root of all evil and neither is the love of money. The root of all evil is the fear of not having enough money or the fear of losing the money we have.

Can you imagine the personal freedom you would experience making money, doing what you love to do, without adding effort and struggle to the process of making it? Contrast this way of making a living versus doing something you really don't want to do because someone else tells you that "you have to do it or else". Which way do you prefer to make a living?

If you are tired of worrying about money, if you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, if you are tired of having conflicts around money and the work you do to make money, visit my web site and posts your questions about "becoming rich the spiritual way" on my message board. I will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

What do I want from you in return for answering your questions and helping you reclaim your personal power in an economic system that squashes your freedom of personal self expression? Do I want your money? No, I do not want your money but if you insist on sharing some of your prosperity with me, I will not say no to you. What I really want is this, I want to see you prosper, in all ways, so you can help others who are less fortunate than yourself. What I really want to do is support you eliminating any conflict you have between making the money you deserve and walking your spiritual path.

In answering your questioning about "being rich the spiritual way" I will show you how to rid yourself of every fear you have around money and replace your fears with a "new way of thinking" that will allow you to thrive and prosper financially without the effort, struggle, stress and worry normally associated with the money making process.

In case you are skeptical of my offer to supply you with valuable information, free of charge, please understand there is a spiritual principle involved in my offer. The more knowledge and wisdom, I give away to others, the more I receive back from others naturally. The knowledge on my site is worth a great deal of money and I give it away so others may prosper. In return, I prosper. It is the law of the universe; Whatever we sow, so shall we reap.

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