Many people lead their lives from a safe, familiar, comfortable place. Their lives are good, but they are secretly wishing they could be more, do more, and experience more. They are eager to step over the threshold of comfort and out the door, yet not quite sure how to do it, or where to go once they are “out there”.

1.Become AwareWhat is your “comfort zone”?What is going on in your life? What is good…or great? Where are you comfortable? Becoming aware of, and acknowledging what is currently going on in your life right now offers a solid foundation to build upon.Think and write about all the areas of your life including relationships, career, friendships, recreation, self-care, spirituality, finances…that are working, exciting, good… Now, looking at each area, identify where you are comfortable, and whether that comfort is working for you or not. What about the areas you are challenged by?

2. Clarify Your DirectionWhy move beyond comfort?What do you want to add to your life, change in your life, or remove from your life? What is important to you that you are not experiencing, but would like to? Understanding and discovering your own purpose, needs, values, interests and gifts will open up new worlds of possibility when you begin to incorporate them into your life. As you go through each day, carry around a small notebook and pen. When you experience a surge of energy or excitement, write down what you were doing when your energy changes for the better. Do the same when your energy suddenly becomes deflated. Were those shifts in energy more apparent when you were in your comfort zone, on the threshold of your comfort zone or stepping away from it?

3. Question and Challenge Your Thoughts and ActionsWhat is stopping you from crossing the threshold from comfort to possibility?Being comfortable is familiar, safe, secure, cozy, and often uncomplicated. No wonder why we all too often stay there. Being comfortable is good, but in order for our lives to be great, fulfilling, exciting and exhilirating, we must often venture away from the comfortable and familiar into unchartered territory, and grow beyond what we know. When we begin to try something new and different, what often pops up are all of the “what ifs” that we are telling ourselves and the habits we have created to keep us just where we are.Think about, and list, all of the “what ifs” you tell yourself that stall you, prevent you, or challenge you as you move forward with your next project, venture, and idea in your life. Going forward, every time you begin to hear those “what ifs’”, write them out, even if they are repeated, and ask yourself if you truly believe them.

4. Focus Your EnergyTaking the first steps toward possibilityWhen you are concentrating on many different directions at one time, or you are not quite certain which direction to take, you can become overwhelmed. When you are clearly focused, like a beam of light, your path becomes clear and your actions purposeful. This focus brings an abundance of energy that will keep you moving between the ‘big picture” of what you want for your life and the “details” of your daily actions, monthly goals.Create a vision for your future 5 years from now. Working backward, think about what would have to happen to achieve that vision, at 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, 1 year, 6 months, next month, today. Create a plan with small, measurable steps to help you then move forward.

5. Support Your New LifeThe balance between comfort and possibilityCreate a support team to help you achieve your goals. I say team, because attempting to do this alone, or relying on just one person to help you will often not get you very far. Your support team could include your spouse or partner, trusted friends, siblings, mentors, your community, church, and even a life coach. The important thing to remember when choosing your team is the word support. Ask yourself if all of these people will truly support you in ways that you need.

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Stefanie Zizzo is a Career and Life Coach who works with people ready to stretch out of their comfort zones and add more excitement and joy to their lives. With 12 years combined experience in career counseling and life coaching, she has helped hundreds of people to focus on what they want in their lives, think and grow beyond their current beliefs and fears, and take purposeful action to make things happen. For more information, visit