The secret ingredient to combat the flu season is your health image

Did you ever wonder why some people get sick as soon as they are reminded that flu season is coming, and others go joyfully on their way through the wind, ice, and snowdrifts of winter and stay healthy?

Did you ever ask yourself why it is possible for many average and rather ordinary people to accomplish the extraordinary task of fulfilling a health dream, while their friends and family expect to get the flu and be laid up with a head cold, chest cold, or sore throat when cold weather arrives?

Did you know that thoughts are things? They are, and it is extremely important to be aware of the kinds of fertilized thoughts you are resonating with and sending out into a larger unified field of energy. Think of it this way: you would not want anyone to throw garbage at you. Why then would you consider throwing negative vibrations towards anyone else?

Your thought patterns determine the nature of the mental atmosphere you create around yourself and it influences the welfare of your family, friends, co workers, and pets, as well as yourself. You may not think that your inner conversations are harmless, but on the etheric realm the vibrations created from indulging in these thought forms can be detrimental to your health. The moment you begin to think about or focus on having a headache, the flu, a cold, or any illness, you are vibrating from an illness image and you are sending out vibrations connected to a specific mental picture. Vibrations attract results. They affect you on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level of your being.


How is it that some people rise above slick television commercials designed to sell illness, pills, and products, while others just don't get it that they are being brainwashed – indoctrinated with a mental image of what a cold, migraine, or flu looks and feels like?

These ads are designed around illness concepts and geared to trigger a reaction in you that produces results. They are cleverly crafted to hook your focus until you identify influenza with a certain time of year. Once the hook is in, skilled advertisers know how to reel you in to stock up on cold sprays, lozenges, and pills. Illness has become big business for certain pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Frank Parisi once wrote: “The introduction of antigens into the blood stream to produce antibodies is an exercise in pure insanity. The word antibody means ‘against life or the body.’ All cells of the body, and all material life for that matter, have the primary function of adaptation. Nothing gets smaller or weaker but must of necessity adapt and get stronger. Vaccines and antibodies are the genesis of more potent and devastating diseases."

Use discretion. Think things through before you adhere to becoming one of the many self-medicated. Pills and flu shots may give you temporary relief but they will never eradicate an illness concept, eliminate germs, or neutralize your fear of getting the flu. Germs are an intricate part of your physical body. They should not be feared or worried about. Trying to terminate a germ is like trying to terminate all physical expressions of the life force.

Pay attention to media advertisements, especially in the evening when you are tired. Just as there are many broadcasting stations, sending out various frequencies, you can choose to tune into only the TV or radio shows whose message you resonate with. What do you resonate with – illness and suffering, or are you eager to gain back your lost health? Your thoughts and feelings are involved in everything you are attracting. You are a choice maker, with the opportunity of conscious choice. You get to pick the harvest you wish to reap once you understand and know how to apply Spiritual Principles to everything …including the commercials you watch! The Law of Identical Harvest states: “Like attracts like.” Spiritual Principles are unrelenting and eternal. When ignored, they are grim taskmasters.

You can cut down a weed, but if you don't pull it out by the roots, it will pop up again in the garden. Starting here and now, review every sales pitch you hear to see if it is sowing illness and disease into your mind. Notice how many commercials are geared towards illness and how many are ambassadors of health and healing. You cannot buy health in a bottle, but you can summon it from within, depending on your habitual patterns of thinking and your desire to transform yourself from head to toe.

Remember that the power that made your body has the ways and means to heal it, if you will bring yourself into unity with a health image.

You are always in a state of becoming, according to your beliefs.

Every cell of your body is either enhanced or decreased according to what you accept as true and how you feel about yourself on a deep level. Here is a very simple outline to assist you in beginning the process of discovering that the solution to so many health issues lies in your own hands. If you investigate, and also do some emotional and spiritual homework, you will find that there are always alternatives to ingesting chemicals to alleviate your suffering.

Take action now and ask yourself the following questions:
· What concepts, inherited or learned, are limiting or expanding your health-image?
· How are your emotional patterns influencing your health and the health of those in your immediate environment?
· Are you living your life in ignorance and/or defiance of Nature’s Laws?
· If people can spread the idea that illness is contagious, can you accept that health is contagious as well?
· Are you infected by enthusiasm to take care of your body/mind/spirit the way most people care about their luxury automobile, animals, or wardrobe?
· Your body requires nourishment. Many colds and congestion are due to an imbalance in diet and a lack of understanding of nutrition. Are you eating mostly devitalized or live foods? Food can help repair or eliminate waste material from your body.
· Your body is designed to move every day. It needs some kind of intelligent, moderate exercise or physical activity in order to distribute the nourishment it receives. How often are you moving your joints? If you do not follow the principle of movement and care for your body intelligently it will begin to decrease in strength. Use it or lose it.
· We all know the phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness” so, okay – how do you apply it? Is your body being kept clean on the inside as well as on the outside?
· Nature demands that you take time out to rest physically and mentally if you are to revitalize. Resting is an essential action if your body is to be repaired from any damage. Do you always have an excuse when it comes to taking time out for yourself?
· Are you getting a good night's sleep? Are you in the habit of taking the day’s worries to sleep with you? Did you know that sleep is the doorway to the subconscious, and the subconscious never sleeps!
· Are you addicted to low frequency destructive emotions, such as fear, anger and worry? If so, these emotions are directly influencing or interfering with the way your body is functioning. Where do you focus your attention- on problems and crisis, or on solutions? Are you making time to have fun, yes, fun – recreation? This is one of the easiest ways to reduce nervous tension and help yourself recuperate.
· How often do you laugh?

Look to your habits! A desire for change must be greater than an ingrained habit. I recently heard from someone who claimed to want to change an illness pattern but as soon as it was time to discipline himself to do the spiritual treatments on a regular basis, every excuse and/or reason popped up. You can not be lukewarm or feed a new belief on occasion, if you want to succeed. It takes persistence, courage, patience, and determination to change erroneous concepts and your vibrational frequency.

You must decide what you want and then commit to it!

· Do you want to tap into that ingredient that catapults you up and away from the lower emotional frequencies and follow-the-crowd mentality? If so, what has to change in your current reality?
· Are you prepared to clean out the mental slums that created your belief in illness and lack? How often are you prepared to give the Inner You health treatments?

You will continue to identify with the state of illness until you realize that what is creating more of it, is your focus and attention on the lack of health! Once you know how to use the art of self persuasion and choose to concentrate on what is important, you will conscientiously start making the time to shift your awareness out of the state of illness into the state of health. Instead of remembering and resonating with illness campaigns, you will begin to enhance nature's healing power and direct your inner intelligence towards health.There is no such thing as a flu season in the Source Within

The Living Spirit is within you. It is unchangeable. Einstein once said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed,” but it can be changed! Change occurs – by a transformation or a change in consciousness in what you are aware of and how you feel about it. Change your vibration and you will change what you harvest.

Imagine the feeling! Imagine tapping into unstoppable self-confidence

Everything, including medicine, is standing on the threshold of radical change as more and more people are becoming conscious of their spiritual nature and inner powers. They are no longer willing to play victim. They are seeking to regain balance and harmony within themselves and face challenges in such a way as not to become helpless and ailing. Health-minded people are successful choice makers (belief makers). They are endeavoring to become invaluable assets to those they love and to assist in the spiritual evolution of mankind. Health begins as a state of consciousness – within your mind. Health has to be identified with and deeply felt. For some, health is earned. Conscious choice makers know how to use their inner resources to assist life rather than diminish life. Until you know how to consciously use the Healing Law of Imaging, you will always be at the mercy of a season and an illness campaign.

Remember, your life is dominated by your images. Do you want to express health? The Law of Vibration is exact. What you vibrate and resonate with you attract. You can’t pick up a horror show playing on Channel 59 if you are tuned into the Health Channel playing on 77.

The choice is yours!

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