Nordine Zouareg, MR.World-Mr.Universe- Fitness Manager at the # 1 in the World Destination Spa/Resort

I believe that everyone of us at any stage of our lives are dealing with personal problems of some sort and within each of us already lies our dream body and authentic self. The Total Body Work program will help you reveal that self by cutting away at all the junk – the extra pounds, the emotional baggage, the fear and mental clutter that comes between us and the brilliant, authentic person you are inside. You see, every time I hade to start a strict regimen (workout and diet) before competing for an event, I had to let go of all negative thoughts that could cause me to fail, so I’ve put together the concept that I am talking about in the Total Body Work program and it has been successful each time I or my clients/guests used it in their quest to Holistic Fitness. I call those negative thought the “Mental Fat” so before losing your Body Fat you must lose your “Mental Fat” and I am almost sure that every one of us could reduce their “Mental Fat Composition”.

Anxiety and depression are a very good indicators of Mental-Fat Composition, however there are no scale for measurement but the feelings of one self-only. When you reach the point where you feel unhappy and when you thing there is no hope, it is time for you to take control of your Mind and Body. I have created the concept of Total Body Work because I am convinced it has all the ingredients you need for a successful lifestyle change, the lifestyle we all long for. You will lose a tremendous amount of Mental-Fat and it will allow you therefore to lose pounds of Body-Fat and reach the goal of Total Body Work You will feel good and look great! Total Body Work contains the right formula for Mental and Physical Fat Burning.

It has been scientifically proven that meditation reduce your cortisol level, a stress hormone partly responsible for our life pressure, the “flight of fight” response, it has also been proven that cortisol also could lead to anxiety as well as other physical reactions like weight gain (mostly fat and water retention). Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa’s book the Brain Longevity is mentioning the phenomenon.
I n the Total Body Work program I have included meditation as well as yoga and relaxation techniques especially for the purpose of reducing the cortisol level and therefore achieving an effective mental and physical fat burning.

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Nordine G. Zouareg

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Nordine G. Zouareg, Mr. World, Mr. Universe- Fitness Manager at Miraval, Life In Balance

Leading the team at Miraval’s Bodymindfulness Center is the internationally known French fitness expert and body builder Nordine Zouareg. Using the same mind body techniques he now prescribes for his guests, Nordine has won body building/fitness championships throughout the world. Relying on training strategies he developed based on his extensive educational background and his 23 years experience in the fitness field. Nordine went on to claim the titles of Mr. France, Mr. Europe, Mr. International, Mr. World and ultimately Mr. Universe. In addition to English, Nordine is also fluent in French and Italian languages. Now Nordine is offering his expertise in one of the most prestigious Health Spa Resort, Miraval, Life In Balance. Miraval is a luxury resort and spa unlike any other because it is an experience unlike any other. It is here in the high desert of Southern Arizona that the "Miraval experience" begins. A diverse and exhilarating range of activities, pampering guest services, innovative cuisine along with an internationally recognized spa, allow one to experience the ultimate in a resort destination. It's a place where one can connect with life, health, meaning and purpose. More than a vacation, it is a place where you can appreciate the moment and bring life into balance. If you would like to work out with Nordine, you can find him at Miraval, Life in Balance, Spa and Resort in Tucson, Arizona.Website: or call 1-800-232-3969. for information. You can also contact Nordine at