Stretch marks can be a dread. Many may be insecure due to the appearance of lines and marks on the skin. Unfortunately, there are cases in which stretch marks cannot be avoided, especially for women who are pregnant for gaining of weight and stretching of skin takes place. To lose stretch marks may take time but there are many ways both natural and medical methods to erase and reduce marks on the skin.

Knowing More about Stretch Marks on the Skin
The main cause of stretch marks can be due to the tearing of your dermis, a layer in your skin found between the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissues. Tearing of the dermis may be caused by overstretching of one’s skin that can be related to those who are gaining weight or has an abnormal growth in a certain body area.

Prevalence of Stretch Marks on the Skin
Location of stretch marks on stomach especially near the navel, buttocks, upper arms, behind the thighs and calves are most likely to be seen for this is where fat is normally disposed to. Disposing of fat due to the diet we eat and due to the presence of glucocorticoids that destroys and prevents fibroblasts from aiding in the support, formation and tightening/holding together of one’s skin. When we eat, especially foods high in cholesterol and fats, this can stimulate glucocorticoids thus one should watch what they eat and maintain a healthy balanced diet to avoid such marks on the skin.

As one reaches puberty and when hormonal changes occur in our body, this can also be a reason for the appearance of stretch marks. Not all stretch marks though are clearly visible; some seem to be slightly white, while others have a fade appearance.

Treating Stretch Marks on the Skin
There are many ways on treating stretch marks, due to the advancement of science and technology a wider aspect is now available on approaches both on products/medications to laser treatments and surgery. Tips to reduce and prevents stretch marks include:
Diet and exercise, natural elements on preventing stretch marks, eating a balanced diet, avoiding junk foods, food high in fat and cholesterol will reduce the accumulation and deposit of fats.

Avoid wearing tight clothing.

Creams and oil for stretch marks are available on the market today, following are examples: Super Cop Cream, TriLastin-SR, StriVectin-SD, Hydrocy Acids and Retin A, Emu Oil, Bio Oil. Those oils reduces appearance and fades stretch marks and smoothes skin. Before using such, consult with doctor is advisable for you and your condition, for not all products on the market are side-effect free; majority is every product/medication has side effects. If applications of such oils are already being used, watch for allergic reactions such as puffiness, redness, swelling of skin.

If one wants to lose stretch marks, importance is to take care and avoid stimulants that will increase such. Talk to your physician, dietician for more guidelines and information. In collaboration with others, and in determination with oneself, one’s goal will be close to achievement.

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There are various ways of stretch marks removal on the skin, varying from the mere personality change to the usage of over-the-counter products. Read this article and find out if these amazing stretch marks treatments might work for you. But first up, learn the overall perspective behind the infamous dermal lesions.