It’s never too late to find someone special in your life. Divorce and a spouses passing can make it seem like you’ll never have loving companionship again. These days more and more baby boomers are going out and finding that special someone. Here are some tips that can help you “get in the game” and connect on the “baby boomer” dating scene.

Find someone who shares your interest

One of the best ways to make an instant connection is to let prospective dates know about your interest. For instance, if you are interested in cooking, you could find someone who may enjoy going to a cooking class. If you are a fan of a specific type of music, you may be able to find someone who will enjoy going to a concert. You can outline your interest in a social media or dating profile that can help attract people with the same interests.

If you hear a cutie at church mention they used to play the violin, think of asking them to the local symphony. If you meet them at a local park ask them if they’d like to go on a walk with you. If you don’t feel like doing the asking you can do some good old fashioned hinting and say you wish you had someone to go to the symphony with. Chances are you’re both nervous so don’t worry about who asks whom out.
Don’t be afraid to connect with others online
You may not be used to “dating online” or connecting with someone that you have never physically met before. However, the majority of people are now going on their first dates with people that they have met online. There are a number of baby boomer focused dating sites available. Additionally, you can connect with people on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Have several conversations with people online. After getting familiar with someone, you can then arrange for a face-to-face get together.

This sounds daunting, but can be very user friendly. Hey, you’re reading this aren’t you? Ask your favorite grandchild to assist and I predict they’ll be stoked to help you find companionship again. It’s actually easier than old fashioned classified announcements.

Enhance your appearance

It’s always important to feel your best before you start dating. There are some obvious dress tips that include styling your hair and dressing to impress. If a fresh haircut or color make you feel confident then go to a stylist. New clothes that aren’t associated with memories of a love past can make you feel ready for something new. You will also want to consider other ways to enhance your appearance including dental veneers and teeth whiting products. Make an optometrist appointment and get a current glasses prescription. A new cologne or perfume can work wonders. The point isn’t to feel ashamed of yourself, but to feel confident in yourself. By making an excellent first impression with your appearance, you will be in a better position to secure that second date.

Start with a simple first date

To ensure that everyone feels comfortable, you can arrange for a simple first date that can include afternoon coffee, a walk through the park of a visit at a local art gallery or museum. The activity should be something that will interest both you and your date. On the first date, make sure your companion gets to know a little about you. However, you don’t want to focus too much about yourself. Be sure to ask your date about their lives and be sure to listen and create a friendly back and forth conversation. After the first date, you can arrange for a longer date such as dinner and a movie.

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