The baby can't talk and communicate properly so the only means of communication is through crying. And since they don't have a discerning brain yet, they wouldn't know if there was something wrong with their bodies. Some babies produce a wheezing sound when they have difficult time breathing but they wouldn't have enough strength to cry out loud. The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a mysterious plague that continues to victimize millions of babies worldwide, comes unannounced. There hasn't been a pinpointed cause but many experts agree that abnormal breathing patterns preclude SIDS. That's why you should keep the Nanny Baby Breathing Monitor close for the sake of your baby.

The problem with other breathing monitors is that they're easily removed by babies, especially the older ones. Nanny Baby Breathing Monitor is designed so the baby cannot easily or accidentally disable it or remove it. It doesn't use wireless transmitters that can easily be blocked. The acoustic alarm is loud enough to alert the baby's parents or guardian when something changes in the baby's breathing pattern. Its interface only has a happy face, an unhappy face, and a battery indicator for easy navigation. A simple breathing monitor is what you need for a baby because complicated units stir panic. The Nanny Monitor has a large sensor pad which is known in the industry. It's an ultra sensitive pad that you can attach to the crib. Plus, you can upgrade to two sensor pads. This second pad may be necessary when the baby reaches six months.

The breathing monitor has passed hospital and clinical trials and is deemed a safe and effective medical device. It's powered by standard AA batteries that are easily replaceable after an average of 6 months. The breathing monitor comes with a 2-year warranty.

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