As a parent of a newborn, you will have to face a variety of challenges when getting the goods needed by the little one at the baby store. That’s why it is important for you to follow a guide. The guide you follow will be able to help you with making sure that you don’t miss out anything while purchasing the goods you want. Hence, you will be able to keep the peace of mind and proceed with it.
Here is a baby store guide that any new parent can follow. You will be able to follow this guide even when you are purchasing goods from an online baby goods store such as Macrobaby.

- Furniture you should buy

It is a must for you to get a crib or a co-sleeper. Your baby is going to spend most of his time on it. Along with that, you should also think about purchasing a crib mattress.

You can also get a bassinet and a changing table. In order to keep the child, you can invest on a rocking chair as well. Along with that, it is a must to get a humidifier or a vaporizer. This can contribute towards the skin health of the baby. If you have a bigger house, you should get a baby monitor because it can contribute towards the safety of the little one.

- Linens

You must invest your money to purchase two fitted crib sheets. Along with that, you need to think about getting a crib bumper as well. The crib bumper should tie securely as well. Along with that, you must get few thin cotton blankets from the store. When you purchase some waterproof mattress protectors, you will be able to ensure that baby mattress is kept dry at all times.

- Babyproofing

It is important to baby-proof your house as well. Then you will be able to keep the little one away from a range of accidents that would take place. This is where you must invest to buy gates. The gates should be installed at the top of the stairs as well as at the bottom of the stairs. Along with that, you will need to think about getting outlet covers, drawer latches and cabinet latches as well. You must invest on furniture anchors and a fireplace bumper as well.
If you can afford, you can buy a toilet lock. Likewise, people who have low tables around the house will be able to invest to buy a toilet lock.

- Formula feeding

There are several goods, which you must purchase to go ahead with formula feeding as well. You must purchase at least 8 bottles. The bottles must contain newborn nipples. There are several brands available in here for you to consider. Out of them, you need to locate the best brands and move forward with. You must also think about getting a bottle cleaning brush. After you clean the bottles, you must securely store them on a bottle drying rack.

You must also purchase baby formula, which you can use for several weeks. Then you will be able to keep on using them for a longer period of time, without facing any hassle. You will not be able to go to the stores to buy baby formula on a regular basis, along with the work that you have to do with the newborn. That’s why you must purchase baby formula at least for several weeks.

You must also get at least six cotton bibs. Along with them, you should buy at least six burp clothes as well. Or else, you can settle down with the cloth diapers. Since you are going to take your baby out of home, you must purchase an insulated cooler as well.
It is worthy to invest on a dry formula dispenser. In addition to that, you can buy a bottle sterilizer.

- Breastfeeding

A nursing pillow is extremely important for you to go ahead with breastfeeding. Along with that, you should purchase at least three nursing bars and three nursing pads. Then you can make your life easy at the time of breastfeeding.
It is worthy to have a breast pump. If you are a person who is working, you must invest on a breast pump. Along with that, you can buy the containers or storage bags to keep breast milk. If another person is going to feed your baby with pumped breast milk, you need to get few bottles and nipples as well. During the first few weeks, you must get nipple cream as well.

- Diapering

You must pay special attention to the diapering related goods that you are going to purchase from the market. In here, you will need to get two packs of newborn diapers. Along with that, you should get a diaper rash ointment and some diaper wipes as well. You need to have at least three changing pad covers. In addition to that, you can get a waterproofing changing table pad. If you can also purchase a trash can with a lid, you can easily dispose the diapers.

- Feeding solid food

While you are feeding solid food to the baby, you will need to have a high chair. In addition to the high chair, you must have plastic bibs. You can get infant feeding bowl as well.

Apart from these mandatory items, you can spend your money to purchase a mess mat, which you can keep under the high chair. Moreover, you can buy a baby food mill as well.

Final Words

Based on this guide, you can prepare a checklist of items that you are going to purchase from the baby store. Then you can easily stick to the checklist and buy what you want. It will help you to cater to all the requirements of the baby and make your life easy.

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