It is a common notion that women simply can’t do various things mainly because of their gender. Sounds stereotypical? Sadly, a large percentage of people are victims of patriarchal conditioning and can’t accept the fact that women have the ability to carve a niche for themselves no matter what field they choose. Though we are living in the 21st century, many still refuse to recognize women’s achievements in various male-dominated work arenas. However, there is nothing that can deter their spirits. In fact, they follow their hearts and turn their dreams into reality. And it won’t be wrong to say that women have been breaking stereotypes. They are accomplishing their goals with dedication and hard work.

There is no denying that breaking stereotypes is no easy feat; it requires will and patience to face challenges and stay focused on what one wants to accomplish. Giving up is not an option! And Black women like Garnett Phillip are the perfect examples who go against all odds to defy cultural prejudices and fulfill their dreams. They are bold, strong and will go to any extent to prove their mettle. Being a wife, mother and entrepreneur, Phillip proves to the world that she is capable of doing anything she puts her mind to.

When it comes to the black community, there is a misconception that they don’t have what it takes to thrive or have the skills and intelligence to flourish. However, Phillip has proved them wrong and has shown that being determined and focused is all it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Garnett Phillip is the brains behind her Caribbean-inspired bar called The Rogers Garden. She started the bar at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic had taken over the world, and people were uncertain about what life had in store for them. Some believed nothing could be done about the situation, but Garnett Phillip knew what she wanted to do, and she certainly turned the tables. She started her bar in 2020, and it was a huge success. People loved the place and the Caribbean culture she tried to bring to Brooklyn.

Besides, people have always believed that women cannot multitask and handle more than one job at a time. In fact, many assume that once a woman has children, she has to choose between making a career or raising her kids. But once again, Phillip proved to everyone that striking a better work-life balance is possible only if you put your heart and soul into anything you do. She has not only broken the stereotypes but has also shown that one should never underestimate the power of a woman because she can multitask and handle more than one job.

Phillip is living her dream in the truest sense. She worked as a bartender for 16 years and traveled around the island, growing up in the Caribbean culture. She works at her bar along with her family so that she is able to spend time with her two little boys and fulfill her mommy duties. Indeed, this enterprising woman has been seamlessly carrying out her roles as a mother and wife. Moreover, it is quite heartening to see how her family supports her through and through. Recently, a picture of her husband was posted on the official Instagram handle of The Rogers Garden in which he could be seen wearing a shirt with ‘my soulmate is black’ written on it. 

Moreover, Garnett has brought the Caribbean culture to Brooklyn, which is something that sets the bar apart from various other bars. The Rogers Garden is a rum bar that was running successfully even during lockdowns and when indoor dining was not allowed by the government. Phillip had innovative ideas that she implemented and was not afraid of breaking the stereotypes. After the lockdown was lifted and life started getting back to normal, Phillip offered go-to cocktails to her customers, which further increased their revenue.

Garnett Phillip is indeed a very talented woman who is resolute and a go-getter. She never gives up and sets an example for her kids and society to never be afraid of doing what your heart desires. She has created a space where people can come, relax, socialize and enjoy food and drinks along with beautiful views before they get back to their hectic routines. 

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