Are you looking for a beautiful way to revitalize and enliven your home with striking walls but are worried about the costs? Well, worry no more! Gatorboard is all you need. It’s an inexpensive option for custom photo printing with a top wood-fiber veneer surface that gives your prints an incredible look.

Unlike other alternatives such as foam core board, it is much stronger and resistant to bending, rupturing, scratching, scratching and folding. That means your photos will stay put, year in year out. What’s even better, this lightweight material allows you to easily mount or remove your pictures without damaging either the wall or the prints.

While choosing to display photos on gatorboard is a fairly straightforward way to spruce up any room, it’s a bit difficult to pull off a properly composed salon-style wall. You have to consider the frame styles, palettes, and proportions for you to come up with the perfect array. But don’t feel upset, here’s how to go about it.

Choose the Right Walls

When deciding on your gallery wall, you need to consider the room design, size of the wall, and how your gatorboard custom photo prints will add to that. For instance, if you want your gallery wall to be a focal point, using the square blocks style in the living room wall will work best for you. Similarly, if you want it to be an accent to the entire space, the hallway is the best place. Whether you want to have your gallery wall in the bedroom, foyer, office or business setting, there are too many designs out there to choose from.

Choosing Layout styles

While picking layout styles might sound like a no brainer, you need to be a little bit creative.  A good layout style can help you make the most out of your photo collection. In fact, the personal touches you add are what makes your house feel like a home to you.  Depending on what you consider attractive, you can choose to have a large frame in the center surrounded by smaller images or opt for a random layout. You can also arrange your displays to form a circular, rectangular or square layout.

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When you decide todisplay photos on gatorboard, nothing is cast in stone. You can personalize your gallery style display the way you want to suit your space and style. Just take your research online and look for “gallery wall layout ideas,” there’s no doubt that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

What Tools do I Need?

Now that you have decided on the ideal wall and specific layout style, you are probably wondering whether to hire someone to hang them for you. But the truth is, you don’t. With the right tools, you can carefully display your custom photo printing, just like the expert you are. Nonetheless, you’ll need some tools to make that happen. Among the tops things you’ll need include a notepad to jot down wall measurements or design ideas, Phillip’s head screwdriver, a leveler, a hammer, screws and nails, blue painter’s tape, measuring tape, and a pencil.

Gatorboard Printing Near Me

Whether you want to display your wedding photographs, maternity photos or just about anything, gatorboard is your perfect solution for all your large family photo printing needs. Whatever gallery wall concept you have, we can have your ideas printed and shipped right where you are. Get started on our online ordering solution or give us a call to help us turn your all your memories into an artful photo display.

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