Did you know that inflammation can cause premature aging? When one ages, true beauty inside and out is hindered, especially when it is caused by what we eat. The foods we eat play an a major part in either preventing or creating inflammation in the body. Consuming a diet high in sugar, saturated fats, and simple carbohydrates will lead to more pain and disease while a diet high in foods that are anti-inflammatory will do the opposite.

Did you know that a medical-diagnoses ending in “itis,” is latin for inflammation? The following are some of these conditions:
• Appendicitis – inflammation of the appendix
• Cellulitis – inflammation of skin (due to infection)
• Colitis – inflammation of colon, may be acute or chronic
• Cystitis – inflammation of the bladder by either a bacteria or food sensitivity
• Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums, may be acute or chronic
• Pericarditis – inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart
• Mastitis – inflammation of the breast
In addition, scientists now believe that inflammation plays a role in some chronic conditions, such as
• Cardiovascular disease – heart attacks and strokes
• Autoimmune diseases – lupus, hypothyroid, rheumatoid arthritis for example
• Alzheimer’s disease – inflammation of the brain is a common contributor
Arthritis – inflammation of a joint or muscle (fibromyalgia)
• Gastritis – inflammation of the stomach, can lead to ulcers
• Allergies – also known by doctors as allergic rhinitis

There are many events in our daily lives that stress our bodies. Some we have control over and some we do not. Many of us never take the time just to relax. Chronic stress can overwhelm the body and create imbalance or disease, which in turn results in inflammation. Chronic inflammation initiates damage to the brain, heart, blood vessels and bones which ultimately initiates premature aging.

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Kelley Curl 7 is the author of several books.