If you're considering a new hobby that brings you in the great outdoors, duck hunting is the way to go. This is a combination of skilled marksmanship and learning of the various breeds that can bring dinner home onto your table. Here is our quick beginner's guide to duck hunting as a hobby.

Start With The Right Gun

To duck hunt, you're going to need a shotgun. There are many on the market and trying to find the perfect one can be a bit challenging, to begin with. We recommend going for a 12-gauge shotgun. It doesn't have to be anything special. A pump or semi automatic will do just fine for getting you acquainted with the sport of duck hunting. As you develop your skills, you may decide to invest in a different shotgun later on down the road.

Round Up Some Equipment

To get started, you'll only need some basic equipment. Other than your shotgun, you'll need some shells to fire out of it. Getting steel number 4s and 6s will do just fine for most waterfowl. You'll want a waterfowl hunting backpack for sale to store all of your loose items like knives. You'll need a mesh bag and some decoys to ensure that your prey starts coming into your spot.

Camo It Up

When it comes to birds, they have amazing eyesight. This means that you'll need to blend in with the landscape if you want to have any sort of luck shooting down your prey. You'll need to invest in some camo clothing. Hip waders, jackets, and a good hat are great places to start. Try to match your camo color with your surroundings for the best results. Even go for some face paint if you really want to hide from your prey.

Get The Right Decoys

You know that you're going to need some decoys to bring in your ducks. There are tons of options and it can be confusing at first. Your best bet is to put out decoys of the birds that are most likely to occupy the area. Mallard decoys are the most commonly offered ones on the market. They're also the most common duck out there. When placing your decoys, make sure you put them closer to the shore and brush piles in the area.

Starting to duck hunt can be a great hobby that you'll fall in love with. To get started, you'll need the basic gear above. Take your time and get to know the area before you head out on your first hunt to have the best chance at success.

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