Over the past few months, NFTs have continued to attract a lot of interest and attention from the public. As more people familiarize themselves with the space and understand what NFTs are, there’s been a rise in the number of people investing in the industry.  
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In the last year, so many new NFT projects have also come up. One of the latest projects that are taking the NFT space by storm is Power Pups NFT. A collection of 10,000 randomly generated unique pups, Power Pups NFT is an NFT project that makes you money and helps you gain additional information on the industry. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into their incredible innovation.

To the team at Power Pups, their journey started months ago. As legend has it, scientist engineer Satoshi Nakamoto was trying to engineer little pups in his lab when something unexpected happened. A mystery ingredient, chemical X, was added to the mix, giving birth to 10,000 superheroes. With over 250 varying traits, each Power Pup is unique. Some of the pups have unique qualities that provide the buyer with rare collectibles to distinguish them even further.

This ensures that only the original owner has full ownership. According to the developers at Power Pups NFT, this helps them maintain a high value as there’s no duplication. 

They go on to add that the minting is set to begin soon. Each Power Pup will be 0.05 Ethereum, giving the buyer full ownership of the NFT. As stipulated in their roadmap, Power Pups NFT is giving away a Model 3 Tesla and McLaren 570s to a random Power Pup owner. For the first 1,000 pups purchased through their whitelist, which is set to open soon, each buyer will receive a unique, collectible item, including free merch, rewards, and VIP status.

Additionally, as future projects launch, the 1,000 whitelist owners will have early access to them. The team at Power Pups NFT notes that after all 10,000 pups are minted, they are planning to have an online game on all platforms. It will be MMORPG, meaning it’s multiplayer, and pup owners will be able to play with or against each other. Power Pups will hold weekly tournaments to keep the game fun and interesting, and the winners will be paid in Ethereum.

Speaking about the challenges they have encountered along the way, the developers at Power Pups NFT explain that with NFTs being a relatively new market, it was tricky to find their footing. The NFT space is rapidly becoming saturated with projects. By creating a unique project with a clearly defined roadmap, Power Pups has identified its place in the industry.

Although it hasn’t dropped yet, they have contests on their Discord where players stand a chance to win different prizes. Power Pups is also building a larger community of power pup NFT owners and creating more NFTs in collaboration with exciting, upcoming new artists. They hope to develop more MMORPG games to allow more value and engagement to the pup owners.


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