Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the details of our challenges that we don't see the entire picture. From our ground-level perspective, we only see the frustration or suffering. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a relationship issue or a financial struggle that makes you feel stuck. When you work in your Akashic Records, your Record Keepers will offer you a completely different view of your experiences and their purpose.

How to Rise Above

Imagine you're standing on the street where you live. You look around and see the cars that are parked, the other houses or buildings, the trees and flowers. Now put yourself on a branch at the top of one of those trees. You still see everything you saw before, but it looks a little different because now you can see the adjoining streets and all that is on them.

What if you could drift up into the sky and soar through the air like an eagle? You'd be able to see not only your neighborhood, but the surrounding ones as well. And if you could float even higher, say to the altitude of a jet, you'd see your entire city and all that comprises it. The small details become less significant because your view now encompasses so much more.

The Value of a Different Perspective

This is what working in the Akashic Records is like. The Akashic Masters and the information they provide about your karma, soul contracts and past life vows gets you out of the details. When you're not mired in the specifics of a situation, you stop fighting the “reality” of your challenges and break the pattern of making the same kinds of decisions over and over.

Knowing what is in your Akashic Records allows you to see how your current life relates to your past lives. The insights you receive nudge in the direction of your passions and purpose, and help you to dissolve whatever blocks your path.

It is easier to make the highest and best decisions for your life and your soul when you see the bigger picture. Your choices are more impactful when you're aware of the various paths, plans and options afforded to you. Plus, knowing how past life choices connect to your soul plan in this life and how your unconscious childhood beliefs still affect you, get you “unstuck” and move you closer to the life you want to live.

Connecting with Your Akashic Masters

Whether you're looking for a simple and profound healing tool or interested in learning more about your soul plan and how the Akashic Records can help you, the Akashic Masters are here to help. The two best ways to connect are through meditation or accepting support from someone with experience working in the Records.

Getting still can be challenging for many of us but there is such a variety of meditation techniques to explore. Watch a YouTube video or download a free app. Take a walk in the park or set up a chair among the trees and let nature help you. Don’t get discouraged if the first couple ways you try don’t seem to work. Stillness is a muscle. You need to practice meditation with the same level of commitment you would give going to the gym.

If you prefer, investigate Akashic Readers who might be able to help you connect with your Records. As with any spiritual support, please make sure you are completely comfortable before agreeing to a reading or session. You want to be certain you are working with someone who is aligned with your intention.

No matter which path you choose, I’m excited for you to see your life and your challenges in a different way! And for the changes this new perspective will bring.

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Lisa Barnett is the international bestselling author of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, and The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records. She is the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom where she teaches thousands of students worldwide how to access personal Soul wisdom and guidance to align with your soul path, understand your soul contracts, and complete your karma and vows. With more than twenty years of experience in spiritual healing, Lisa shares simple tools that empower individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health. Please download Lisa’s Free Akashic Meditation at: