Every civilisation carries with it a legacy of traditions that encompass various aspects of life. They include literature, art, warfare, traditions and culture, culinary habits and habitats and even a legacy of medicinal and medical traditions.

The older is the civilisation, the higher is the enormity of that heritage. Take, for instance, Chinese civilisation. It dates back to thousands of years. Naturally, the legacy it carries in various aspects of human lives is just unfathomable.

Similarly, when we speak about various types of traditional Chinese treatments, it covers such a vast area that it is virtually impossible to get even a superficial notion about everything. Thus, here we concentrate on the traditional Chinese Massage, which has gained enormous fame over the centuries.

There are two types of traditional Chinese massage - Tui Na and Zhi Na. These techniques differ in application and technique. However, both have one thing in common. They help the body to gain renewed strength and vigour and help in alleviating a number of chronic medical conditions.

The Basics...

Basically, Chinese massage has a close relation to acupuncture. It emphasises mainly on the body channels or the energy points that effectively transport and lead as well as guide the flow of energy and blood all over the body. This imparts a balance to the body, which in term protects it from various types of infections. Chinese massage in Footscray also helps in the maintenance of optimal functionality of all the body organs.

The techniques...

When the aforementioned body channels are blocked or impeded in any way, the individual experiences pain and gets prone to different types of health problems. The massage can locate the pathways that are blocked or impeded, resulting in all the pain and uneasiness experienced.

Tui Na involves stretching and kneading and pushing of the muscles. Zhi Ya, on the other hand, involves pressing, pinching of the acupressure points for relieving stress and pain. All the techniques that are followed are based on the therapeutic principles, which stimulate the body to release more hormones, regulate blood flow and boost energy and helps in recovery.

The techniques also involve ‘Shou Fa’, which is hand movements, which are categorised into ‘yin’ or sedating techniques and ‘yang’ or stimulating techniques. The principle of the entire process is based on balancing these two aspects to facilitate a holistic recovery. 

The Benefits...

Chinese therapy is remarkably effective in alleviating pain resulting from injured or sore muscles. Full body Chinese massage in South Yarra helps to improve the flow of blood to all the nook and cranny of the body. This prevents the build-up of lactic acid, thus keeping the body healthy and fit. It also helps to stay calm and build up a relaxing mood.

It harmonises mind, body and spirit, thus helping people recover from stress and strain, and remain mentally fresh and relaxed.

Thus, the spas and clinics that offer Chinese massage play a pivotal role in helping people keep calm, relaxed and healthy as life is getting more and more hectic, faster and competitive.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a spa that conducts Full Body Massage in South Yarra. Among other forms of massage, the spa also conducts Chinese massage. Previously, the author worked as a Chinese massage expert in Footscray.