A common question arises when comes to trailer springs is how to choose trailer leaf spring? Trailer springs are chosen mainly from weight ratings. A weight rating is provided and through that, you can choose a trailer spring.

There are certain things you need to know about every trailer springs and how they activate.

 As there are multiple varieties of trailer springs, let’s acquire knowledge of trailer springs and their activity in this vehicle:

Eye to eye shackle spring:

It is the most common springs used in a trailer. It has multiple axles joined with a rocker. It is capable of transferring loads when one axle is carrying a large load and spread the load throughout. In the language of engineering of trailer accessories, it is called 'traditional spring'. The multi-axle configuration in the eye to eye shackle helps in the rear swings.

Slipper springs:

Another important and highly used spring in a heavyweight trailer is slipper spring. In this type of springs, one end is close like the eye shackle spring, and another end is like a tail open leaf. It is a low budget solution to replace eye to eye shackle springs. The mechanism of slipper springs starts is not like the eye to eye springs as it cannot transform the multi-axle loads. But this also has a high load handling capacity. Though, leaf springs are prone to skewing.

Parabolic springs:

These springs have many commonalities with slipper springs. Parabolic springs are unique, new and less prone to rust. Parabolic spring does the same job as slipper spring with two leaves. Parabolic springs are good alternatives for multi springs. Parabolic spring’s leaf thickness decreases in respect of multi-leaf springs or traditional springs. It is always better than normal springs as it long-lasting capable of handling more loads.

Rocker roller springs:

By using multi-axle spring with rocker assembly, the load can be transferred. This ensures a comfortable trailer ride.

Coil springs:

Trailer coil springs are made up of coils that are capable of functioning shocks and struts by decreasing the rate of bouncing in the car especially in rough roads. Also, it keeps off the trailer in the ground.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is better trailer accessories leaf spring or coil spring?

  • Leaf springs are great for heavy loading trailers. Leaf springs are less adjustable. Leaf springs give super hauling power that diversifies the loading range in a wide section.

Are all leaf springs are same?

  • No, all leaf springs are not the same. There are various types of mechanism and variation in leaf springs.

When should I replace the leaf spring?

  • When you observe a crack or breakage in any spring, you should replace it as soon as possible. A hint of rust is okay, but if the rust in springs starts increasing, it is time to replace the springs in your trailer.

Which material is leaf springs are made up?

It is mainly made up of carbon steel. As the material is hard and durable, it is the perfect option as a spring material. An ideal spring follows all the scientific rules.

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