Smokers know why rolling papers matter the most when it comes to a puff. A good quality rolling paper crafted from natural elements enhances smoking experience. These days there are different types of smoking papers available allowing cigarette smokers to get what they want- a good puff of course. 

The choices range from rice paper, wood and hemp papers. Furthermore there are other kinds of fibres which go into the making of great quality rolling papers. The quality of the fibres reflects on the taste and quality of the smoke. Besides, these papers also determine the smoking speed at which an individual draws in puff; and then rolling skills too are strong factors adding to the experience. 

Some facts about rolling papers

Did you know the quality of the joint depends completely on the quality of rolling paper used? No matter, what and how well the rolling paper is, if you don’t know how to roll out a cigarette you surely are going to miss the experience. Believe it or not, it takes years for a man to create impeccable roll-ups. The skill needed for creating the best cigarette depends how well an individual has managed to roll the joint. 

Originally, rolling papers were crafted of wood pulp. However the last few decades have witnessed a stark change in the smoker’s behaviour as they are seen becoming more health conscious than ever. This resulted in the evolution of rice and hemp papers. The Best Rolling Papers came into the forefront with their increasing demand by people who are conscious of what they consume. So that you are able to seek a decision after being well versed with the types and nature of rolling papers available these days, we are here to mention few of the most sought after Tobacco Rolling Papers a pro loves tasting: 

Hemp paper 

Known as the Smoker’s friend hemp came down a couple of decades back and were immediately accepted by the community. Manufactured through sustainable means hemp rolling papers are extremely eco-friendly. These papers chiefly come in light brown shade since they don’t need to undergo a harsh bleaching process. They are thick and extremely rough and offer good grip while rolling. On the other side these papers tend to absorb moisture. With their average burn rate, joints crafted of hemp paper might leave an aftertaste. 

Rice paper 

Rice paper is an all-natural thing, crafted of organic elements. Basically these papers are manufactured by pressed rice which makes them thinner and finer. Although they are a healthy choice, yet these papers are not too great at allowing a consistent grip. They are quite vulnerable and may break with pressure of the fingers. Moreover, the rice papers are vulnerable to damp air. They burn slowly and are an extremely great choice for smoking. 

Traditional wood pulp 

Wood pulp papers are different. They have been reigning over smoke boxes of pros since over a century. Furthermore wood pulp can be blended easily with other kinds of fibres. Rolling papers made from wood pulp are easy to grip. They are thick, solid and textured, traits that smokers love. 

Now these are some of the widely available rolling papers smokers are fond of.

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