National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences or FAST is a top-end educational institute of Pakistan that well-off and a very reputable university of Pakistan and is on the top list of South Asian and Pakistan’s universities. Its scholarships and degrees are notably recognized elsewhere.
The University began off with firm backup and support of the generous, unending and ingenious efforts of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences foundation, it currently in Karachi alone, four high grade computer science educational complexes in the main cities of Pakistan which are; Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, all of which are ingeniously designed and constructed and accordingly functioning.
Such institutes, singularly and collectively, have harbored a leading rank due to the amazing vision of an enlightened management and tireless efforts of a highly qualified faculty. Over the years FAST has integrated and became a trademark of excellence in the academic sector, domestic market of Pakistan, and the international community.
Foundation for Advancement of Science & Technology (FAST) being ‘sponsoring’ body of this institute was founded back in the 80’s. It is in association with the Pakistani Government for being as a member of the charitable institution. Later on Higher Education became the medium to accomplishing the aim of these institutes which was to generate the highest caliber science experts and engineers of the country.
Today FAST is an honored university of Pakistan and well on its way to excellence.
Air University also shares a similar story. Air was a project of the Pakistani Air force (PAF) and is in the mainstream the best Aeronautical Engineering University of Pakistan apart from being a Federally Chartered Public Sector University too. Air University is a degree awarding public sector institution and helps rising students achieve their goal of education in the best manner possible.
Air University was founded in 2002 and was once located only in one of the cities of the country which was the capital. Air university also has affiliates on international levels with MOU’s signed with various high-end universities of the world and the university itself a part of the American Fulbright scholarship association in Pakistan.
Due to the fact that Pakistan is still a rather young state (60 years) and that education is still scarce these institutes are such a milestone not only in its reputation but in its economy too. Yet still these universities have brought Pakistan upfront on the international turf of educational quality.

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