Are you looking at jog strollers so that you can get some healthy exercise while getting Baby out into the fresh air and sunshine?

If so, you’re on the right track!

Many parents find baby joggers an excellent way to keep fit and stay in shape while spending quality time with their little ones.

Why Jog Strollers Are a Great Idea

Let’s face it: finding time for things like going to a health club or gym is challenging when you have a baby or small children at home.

But, with a jog stroller, you and the baby just get out and go!

What to Look For in a Jog Stroller

If you’ve been looking at various brands and models of strollers for baby online or in your local department stores, you might be feeling a little bewildered and unsure about which is the best to buy.

Here are the basic things to look for in a jog stroller or double stroller:

Safety: This is your primary concern, naturally. So, look for one with a hand brake that will facilitate sudden stops if necessary. It should be sturdily constructed and durable to make it safe and long lasting. It should also have a five point safety harness.

Canopy: The jog stroller you choose should have a large enough canopy to shade your baby from the direct glare of the sun and offer some protection from the elements in general.

Large wheels: Stroller joggers with larger wheels make for a smoother ride for your little passenger and are easier for you to push and steer while you’re jogging.

Aluminum frames: These are lighter weight and hence, easier to push. Steel framed are cheaper, but they’re also heavier and prone to rust.

Reclining seat: If your baby falls asleep, it’s much nicer to be able to recline the seat. This is also helpful if you have to change a diaper while you’re out!

Tray: Having a tray in front of the baby jogger seat is handy! You can use it for snacks, drinks or bottles, even toys.

You Get What You Pay For

The features shown above are usually not found in cheap jog strollers. There are times that price isn’t an issue and a cheapo product will serve your purposes nicely for less money than the top of the line model.

This does not apply to jog strollers!

The best strollers have safety and comfort features not found in cheaper models, both of which are vitally important for your baby. Nor are the low priced strollers as well built and durable as the ones in a higher price range. Factor in that the best strollers are much easier for you to use, and it’s no contest!

So, when you buy a jog stroller or bicycle trailer, bear this in mind and know that paying more for one of the higher priced models means getting safety, comfort and security for your baby with the ease of use and durability you want, as well.

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