TheGamingRevolution previously leaked a bunch of information regarding Call of Duty titles in the past, including huge dumps for the franchise’s Zombies mode in both Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4.

Details Reportedly Leaked For Call Of Duty about the attention to the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare, and made two very interesting claims in regards to what we can expect from multiplayer when it launches.

Pitch Black: Modern Warfare Feature

The games including multi players will play host to a number of maps set in the dark of night, which will require different players to use night vision goggles to see where they are going as they try to take down their opponents.

According to the Gaming Revolution, the Battle Royale rumor surrounding details reportedly leaked for call of duty about Modern Warfare, which is completely legit, as they received information on the mode via a Reddit user named WW2er.

A number of apparent also leaked about the release for modern warfare claiming that games of multiplayers will see significant changes from the previous years gaming, while specialist scrapped to see a change in the model and cross-platform.
As with many leaks followed, there is no legitimate way which defines the conformity and their accuracy.

The rumored Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will feature rewards for killstreaks, confirms the research as of right now though, there’s no further information on what those rewards will be.

Infinity Ward recently confirmed that they will reveal what Modern Warfare’s multiplayer modes will look like on August 1, so it won’t be too long before players will be able to see how the upcoming Call of Duty title is different from the other installments in the franchise.

The full list of Modern Warfare perks reported by TheGamingRevolution is:

Although the game will allegedly seen in the return of some MW2’s most popular killstreaks, such as the Pavelow and AC-130, and will also bring back the Nuke, which will end the game when a player goes on an incredible 25 kill streak. The list consists of:

Personal UAV
Shielded Turret
Care Package
Cruise missile (sounds similar to predator)
Precision Airstrike
Wilson (small remote tank)
Chopper Gunner
Advanced UAV
Scrambler Drone
White Phosphorus (chemical strike)
VTOL (fighter jet that hovers over map)
Pave Low
Nuke (25 kills, will be game ending at the moment)
UAV (for the whole team)

Number of equipped weapons may include:

Sleight of Hand
Infinite Breath
Mo’ Money
Shrapnel Shots

Summary- With the built up to call of duty, it is notified that Details Reportedly Leaked For Call Of Duty and has also claimed multiplayer are becoming a much more regular occurrence.To know more about the perks and weapons, head on to read the blogpost!

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