In many ways buying a caravan is much like buying a new house. For bachelors, they prefer reasonable accommodation space, a comfortable single-adjustable bed, a small bathroom and a convertible kitchen. As much importance as each of them serves, there are many other important accessories which one needs to include.

Though it would be difficult to mention every one of those items, the post picks out 4 crucial add-ons for caravans in Nowra. Read and know about them.

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i. A Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher:

One should never skip the possibility of fire accidents caused to due faulty wiring or electrical boxes. Caravans have built-in kitchens and oven and the burning of diesel or fuel can lead to Class B and Class C fire.

For this reason, one should always give value to safety and look to invest in a dry powder fire extinguisher. If a fire does start of un-intentionally, one can prevent the fire from spreading and reducing their whole vehicle to rubble!

ii. Spin Powered Clothes Washer:

This is an accessory which is very popular amongst numerous caravan owners and the reason for that is because they are portable, easy to use and can wash up to a couple of litres of laundry in only a few minutes. These units have a special feature known as Eco-Spin which will even dry clean clothes immaculately and quickly.

Other crucial specs of this unit:

  • They come with tight locking lids, a durable design and a year's warranty.
  • Design-wise they are easily folded down handle for easy portability.
  • They are absence of any protruding elements unlike other hand powered washers which ruin the clothes while washing.

iii. Stone Shield Mesh for Caravan Protection:

Third on our list of must-have accessories for caravans in Sydney includes a stone mesh shield for optimal caravan protection. Many a times, you will find your flying objects from hitting the caravan and damaging its paintwork, or body.

Such caravan protectors are easy to install and its A-frame mesh protector ensures that even when travelling across the toughest roads will not hamper the caravan in anyway. One of the chief USPs of this caravan protector is that it comes with a tough rip stone mesh which is resistant to tears and rips.

This is truly one accessory which every caravan owner should look to invest on. And the delighting about it is that they don't cost a fortune.

iv. Auto Spherical Satellite System:

Last, but by no means the least, an avid caravaner should always look to get an auto spherical satellite system! They are designed in a manner that they become compatible with DBS aka; Direct Broadcast Satellite; capable of broadcasting data and videos from over 35,009 kms away.

Some of its stellar specs include:

  • Quick satellite OPTUS acquisition.
  • Automatic Skew and HD receiving.
  • Easy to install owing to its pre-drilled mounted base plate.

Capping Off:

The fortunate thing about each of these items is that they are available in any top-rated caravan accessory and parts supplier for both new and used caravans. Research for those suppliers diligently, check for these items, compare their offered rates and go with the ones convenient for the wallet.

Here's wishing all caravaners all the best for their shopping!

Author's Bio: 

The author has lots of experience when it comes to picking out must-have accessories for caravans in Sydney. Being an avid traveller and a blogger the author has posted several informative posts to assist caravaners procure quality and budget friendly add-ons for caravans in Nowra.