You are an example and a promoter of the beautiful life in this wonderful world. You are an advocate who is in favor of the growing process and process of change that is as good as doing things right the first time.

You are one who meets the highest standard of excellence. You are a knowledgeable enthusiast in a place sought after by others. You are beautiful beyond description, your beauty is useful.

You make things that are difficult to understand, very easy for all.You give lives a new meaning with exquisite and extraordinary impact which empower many to live a fulfilled life.

You are a blessing to this generation and generations to come. You are transforming lives, recreating the world and impacting nations. Your prerogative is imperative met, your wisdom is excellence in every. Your brilliant idea and exceptionally good piece of creative work, shows super intelligence.

You have impressive achievement; you have attained a level of honor in this life. You are characterized by abundance, you have what it takes to exert a lot of influence and control over people and events. You have capacity to impact lives and make the system that drives the progress of humanity a better place.

You are a remarkable person, very remarkable in a special way. You made a deep and usually favorable impression on the mind of many. You arouse attention and give people appropriate treatment. Your power of success is empowering many do things right and a life that is beyond compare.

You are somebody special, a title-holder and life-giving spirit who is full of supernatural abundance and prosperity. You are marked by a state of good fortune and especially of financial success. You bring about more success and give lives a new meaning.

You stand behind good course. You do not wait for an unpredictable and uncontrollable master force; you take charge and stand for something that corresponds to fact or reality. You uphold the goodwill of the people and favor the helpless actively in the face of opposition.

No one can compete with you or resist you; you are the best. You are keeping many from yielding, sinking, or losing their quality of mind or the ability to withstand stress without alteration of position and without material change. Because of you, many lives will experience the true taste of abundance and prosperity. You are comfortably situated and in good case. You are living at the best time of life; thank you being a champion. You are unstoppable, you are indestructible. You rule and reign forever.

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Chiyson is Author of many Best-Selling Books, including The Sagacity of Sage. Get your copy at Chiyson is also a poet, Inspirational/Financial Speaker and Business Consultant who set his gaze lucidly and his wit sharply to issues that affects the economical, social and spiritual development of individuals; enabling them live a beautiful life in this wonderful world. He is the Chairman/CEO of Chiysonovelty International, Founder/President of Chiysonovelty BookClub and a trained Computer Scientist and Electrical/Electronics Engineer who empowers the REAL youths to greet the GENIUS in themselves. His New Released book - It is TIME to get Very RICH, published by AuthorHouse is all you need to be ahead of the game in the business world. Order your copies at