Gone are the days when we used to frisk free in the sky of life. It seems as if the world has been suddenly turned upside down, leaving us all trapped within our homes. All this has happened just recently, a few months back, but it seems as if we have been trapped inside, for a long, long time. What’s more is that there is no estimation as to how and when we will all be able to frisk freely again, without being bothered by the threat of being infected by the dreary ‘coronavirus’.

The world was such a happy place before the onset of the ominous disease- ‘Covid-19’. We were so carefree, we played out in the streets, we ate whatever we wished to without even thinking of sanitizing our hands, we went everywhere we wished to go and there were no limitations we knew. But now, all these memories seem to be distant dreams for all of us. Sanitizers have become more important than anything in the world, we keep washing our hands all the time and we are all afraid of stepping outside of our homes. It seems as if we all are in a constant state of fear of being attacked by an imaginary enemy, with whom, we have no weapons to fight against.

The world is currently in a pathetic state with thousands of people losing their lives to the dreary infection on a daily basis. I so wish I had a time machine. If I actually had one, I would either take the world back in time, or take it way ahead in time, where the coronavirus would no longer be there to threaten our lives and sap away our precious freedom. I would also find out the cause of the outbreak, by going back in time, and enlighten the whole world about it, so that nothing of such kind happens ever again. But as it is said, that everything teaches us a lesson, and the same is true for the current situation we are all in.

Might be we all had to learn some important lessons, which we could never be able to learn, had the outbreak not taken place. Might be we all had gone so unconscious that God had no other way left to bring us back to awakening and I am sure, I am not the only one to have such thoughts. This is because amidst all the devastating impacts of coronavirus, there are many positive things happening as well, which are teaching us some important lessons. The earth is healing, the pollution levels have dropped down significantly, the air quality has improved from poor to good, the ozone layer is getting repaired, and the list goes on.

These are some of the good environmental impacts of the lockdown, which has been imposed in response to the outbreak of the pandemic- ‘Covid-19’. All these positive impacts highlight one thing that if we can’t put our efforts towards healing the damage our activities are causing to the earth, then we should at least limit our polluting activities. This is because the Earth is able to heal itself on its own and all the above mentioned examples validate the same. In fact, the Earth has healed to such an extent, which could have never been possible with our intervention.

Now, coming to us all, it seems as if the coronavirus is reminding us about important lessons on how to live. With the entire world coming to a state of halt, we have finally got some time for ourselves, we have finally stopped running towards our materialistic goals, we have all the time in the world to spend with our loved ones, lost connections are being repaired, lots of love and warmth is blooming all over again and the list goes on and on. It can be simply said that the coronavirus has shook us all and reminded us of the actual purpose of our life, which is not to just keep running after fame, money and success, but to find a balance between work and family life. After all, money can never give us the peace and warmth, which we find in the loving vicinity of our loved ones.

Maybe, if we all learn these lessons and start working on bringing positive changes in our lives, the purpose of the Coronavirus outbreak would get fulfilled and it will come to a cessation. I so wish! it does not persist for long and successful vaccinations get developed against it, and life comes back to its normal. Hoping this long break from school will end soon. I am so surprised with this wish of mine, but this is how the coronavirus has changed me. Gone are the days when I wished to have a break from school, and now, what I just wish and pray is for the schools to reopen again, and life to resume with all its normalcy. Read my another blog at


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