Monday, December 23rd a mother was asleep at home with her three children present. That evening some members of the Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Nevada police came into her house and woke her up. They focused her outside in her underwear and t-shirt. Spraining her ankle and, fracturing her toe in the process to be rushed off to the Spring Valley Hospital.

The apparent reason for this late-night chaos was that she was going to harm herself which she claimed was untrue. She had spent four days in the hospital being manhandled and getting multiple injections, as well as medicine. They said ‘they were there to help’ but would not let her reach out to her three children. They were her only concern amongst all this confusion.

Since she was released from the rather unnecessary stay at the hospital she had been on a mission to get all your children back to her as well as to spread awareness of what had happened. Her daughter is still in foster care for about four months. The mother is Kessa Gooden who is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Her children were taken from her without proven reasoning. If this could happen to her it could happen to anyone.

For the past four months, Kessa has been doing everything she was told to do by the CPS (Child Protective Services) to get her daughter back home. This includes taking multiple psych evaluations. Where one would end, she had to do another, and another, and another. She says that if her daughter was in harm’s way (which she was not) that would be the first thing that would have looked at.

Instead, they are dragging out this case. Plus, her daughter has not received any welfare and she does not need anything except to get back home to her Mom.

Kessa did her psych evaluation with a third party mental health hospital, called Bridge Counselling. She was told that the person did not evaluate Kessa since they were actually a marriage counselor. However, she could not get a written record of this since she had to go to do a psych evaluation at a CPS faculty instead of a third party one. Kessa finds this odd and questions whether or not it is more beneficial (as well as logical) to go to an outside party for the neutral ground; where one side would not influence them.

While the matter is still going on, Kessa Gooden is asking everyone to spread her message. So that the departments who are in charge can stand up and take notice of the wrongdoings that are going on. Children were taken away from their mothers for unseen reasons. Apparently, in order to get them back, she has to go to a CPS faculty, the same ones who took her children away in the first place. This is an odd injustice that should have not happened and needs to be stopped.

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