Cycling is definitely one of those sports which not only needs the stamina but perfect hand eye co-ordination on track. Beside the professional cycling even the enthusiast who love cycling need to learn some basics tips and trick to stay safe on road. Cycling is so natural to people that instead of walking people prefer to cycle either to go to work, deliver things or to maintain their health. For kids cycling is one of those steps which gives them a chance to ride a bike and develop the traffic sense. The best thing about cycling is that it is not limited to a particular geography instead it is loved world over. It is no surprise that some countries even follow a cycle day per week to lower down the pollution from vehicles.

It is also no surprise that cycling is the next thing people learn after walking. Cycling is very natural to humans and this is the reason there are millions of cycling lovers around the world. Looking at the love for cycling there are wide range of accessories available both online and offline to help cyclist perform better without getting uncomfortable. The variety is so wide that people can even get confused and the beginners surely needs a helping hand to understand what to pick and what to leave. There is a reason you will never see the geeky cyclist wearing jeans or baggy and bulky sweatpants or sweatshirts. To overcome the discomfort and make cycling fun a wide range of cycling clothes are manufactured.

Cycling clothing is known for being versatile, functional and dun. There is everything from basic T-shirts and shorts to elaborate trainers, rain jackets and more. The most popular is a bicycling jersey. The specially designed clothes help riders reach top speed while staying cool and comfortable. The right choice of clothing makes cycling easier.

Cycling clothing checklist that you must have if you love cycling either professionally or as an enthusiast:

1. Spandex or Lycra shorts

Without a good cycling short, it’s hard to add more miles to the ride after a certain period. Good cycling shorts reduce chafing making it easier to ride a bicycle for long distance. The Lycra or Nylon shorts are stretchable and don’t restrict your pedaling movement. The spandex shorts support your muscles and increase blood flow while you’re riding. It’s always an intelligent decision to go with cycling shorts that keep you cool in the hot days and is made up of breathable fabric. Bib shorts are also considered as cycling shorts. The shorts are integrated with suspenders which are designed using lycra fabric and are lightweight, breathable and easy on shoulders. The main function of the straps is to prevent the shorts from sliding down as you pedal. Thus making bib shorts most comfortable for cycling.

2. Cycling Jerseys

The cycling jerseys offer a huge variety to choose from as they are available in many colors, patterns, and fabrics. Most of the jerseys are made up of cotton, polyester, nylon, and wool. Most cycling jerseys have a pocket in the lower back area, which allows the rider to store energy drinks, snacks for easy access. The short jerseys are designed for summer and full-length and warm one are for winters. It is highly recommended wearing a cycling jersey over just a regular t-shirt, or a sports t-shirt. The cycling jerseys are available in two varieties aero and regular. Unlike regular jerseys, the aero one is body-hugging and sticks to your body like a second skin to provide you with aerodynamics advantage.

3. Protective Cycling Jackets

The jacket is the outer most layering of the cyclist clothing. They are useful in harsh condition as it ensures you remain comfortable on bike whether it is cold, wet or windy. There are different cycling jackets for different conditions:

a. Waterproof: they have an additional coating which makes them water-resistant. It prevents rain droplets from entering while allowing sweat and moisture to escape. Most of the waterproof jackets are also windproof.

b. Windproof: they are lightweight jackets and are best for windy weather. You can wear it on cool morning starts, easily fold and store it in your jersey pockets and slip it back on for long cold descents.

c. Soft-shell: they have all the characteristics of the waterproof jacket with the additional inner to insulate you from the cold air and keep your body warm.

4. Arm and Leg Warmers

Warmers are must for cold weather, they are lightweight, compact and can be folded and are comfortable to carry. Arm warmers cover your arms from your wrist all the way up to just beneath your armpits. Knee warmers cover from thigh to the calf muscles and leg warmers extend all the way to your ankle.

Along with cycling clothing, cycling accessories are equally important. They protect your body from the injuries. Proper cycling clothing will make the riding easier and comfortable for you. Choose your clothing wisely!

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