There are millions of ways we could express our feelings via our social media handles. We will be helping out with how you can express your feelings through your status and what the status should be like. We have gathered some great collection of whatsapp status in english.

Whatsapp Status Sad in English
"It is very sad to see how we destroy each other as brothers"

"Moments in which you remember the past and do not know exactly what happened, you only know that since it happened, you have not been the same"

"I am one of the people who are deceived by saying" it is a dream "when it is sadness and" it is nothing "when it is all"

"Do not worry about people who hate you, worry about those who act to love you"
"He who wants to change the world must first change himself"

"When you miss me from the heart, remember that at some point I was there and you did not value me"
"Be very careful with all your words, once said, they can only be forgiven not forgotten"

"I no longer expect anything from others I expect all my effort from me"
"Forgiveness does not mean forgetting but remembering without hurting us"

"As much as they make me suffer, they will not be able to erase the smile on my face"
"The saddest thing of a betrayal is that it is not your enemy"

"It's not about where you are but where you want to go"
"There is no more nostalgia worse than longing for what never existed"

Love Sad Status For Whatsapp In English
"I just had to accept the truth that was hidden in my heart thus letting go of my last love"

"It's raining because the clouds cannot hold the weight anymore and we cry because the heart can not stand the pain anymore"
"Stay away from all the people who show that they do not need you"

"The moon is completely full of looks that were lost looking for an answer"
"I feel like I'm waiting for something that will not happen"

"You stop wanting slowly from disappointment to disappointment from sadness to sadness"
"If the problem is not solved by turning the page the best solution is changing the book"
"I always fall in love with words and they destroy me with many actions"

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