There are so many women out there who wear the wrong size bras for years on end, until they start developing serious issues because of it. Some studies suggest that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra, and what makes matters worse is that they don’t even know about it!

Size is just a number, and knowing one’s size is the beginning of a process which includes finding the right band, style, and support for one’s body. We have made a list of things you should know before you go out to buy your next bra.

Each Breast is Different:

Two women cannot have the same set of breasts – in fact; even within the same set of breasts there can be major differences. Therefore, it is imperative to not only know your size but also your shape.

Women have really stepped up to the task of knowing their size since the Bra Revolution by Oprah Winfrey in 2005. But women also need to be educated about their body types and the type(s) of bra that would suit them best.
Some websites, such as True & Co, sell online ladies undergarments and more than a million women have taken their surveys. These surveys and the date from them have led the company to design 6,000 different body types. They continue to add more as their reach increases.
All this helps them create a sort of ‘personal shop’ for each individual, thereby showing only bras that work for the individual’s body type.

Be Open to Try New Brands and Styles

You might love one of your bras a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try new styles or brands. Getting out of your humdrum same bra routine is very important.
Some women believe that brands are a proxy for the perfect fit. But they are wrong – not all bras from the same brand are going to fit the same way. What can be done instead is to look for similar styles in different brands. They can make you look amazing in a similar fashion to one another.

A bra for every occasion

As you probably know there is no all-purpose dress, one that can be worn to a gym and a wedding both. Likewise, there is no single bra that is suitable for every occasion – different types of occasions call for different types of bras. The catch lies in arming your wardrobe with the bras that you’re most likely to use, and the ones you’d need occasionally.

Having said that, all the top bra experts of the world are of the opinion that the number 1 bra every woman should have is the T-shirt bra – it’s supportive, soft, seamless and comfortable.

Always remember to have a nude bra in your wardrobe. A white bra under a white outfit is not the best choice as most women believe. Rather, go for a skin colored bra to go with under a white outfit.

You should also have a strapless bra that’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t dig into your armpits in your bra arsenal. If you’re a lady with big boobs, a minimizer bra would definitely help redistribute the breast tissue more evenly and make you look trim.

Sports bras are also a must for women who regularly work out. It is essential to wear something that keeps your breasts in place and prevent their excessive movement while doing any sporting activity. Uncontrollable bouncing of the breasts can cause serious damage to your ligaments.

1. Be Practical with undergarments

Getting caught up in colors is a mistake many women, especially young women, make. Of course the lace and embroidery and flashy color makes you look good, and heck, even feel good. But do remember that these also peek through most types of fabrics.
Just make sure your bra can’t be seen. When you go bra shopping, take along a clothes you typically wear most often, such as a T-shirt or a favorite dress.

2. Online Ladies shopping

Nothing beats trying a new bra in person, but it’s not always the most convenient of things to do, especially if you’re in Pakistan. These days, there are many websites that offer good quality lingerie for sale online. Whether it’s maternity bras or bridal nighties that you’re looking for, a good online lingerie store is likely to house it all.

These online destinations also have bra size calculators and female fit consultants ready to answer your queries via chat or phone call. Most companies offer a favorable exchange or return policy if the bra doesn’t fit you well, provided that it’s not been damaged or used.

3. Bras change with time

With use and time, a bra loses its original shape and quality of fabric. If you want to get the most out of a bra, buy one that feels comfy at the loosest hook-and-eye set. As time goes by, the elastic in the brand will stretch and you can subsequently move to tighter hooks.

4. Looking after your bras

You might have found the perfect bra for yourself – one that makes you want to stand tall and fits you perfectly well. But how do you look after it and make sure that it lasts?
Well, you’ve got to look after it. Don’t ever relegate your bra to a washing machine or a dryer. Always hand-wash your bras and air dry them properly. Also, don’t wear the same bra regularly; give it a break so that the elastic doesn’t get too loose.

5. Let go of it when the time comes

If you’ve done all the steps mentioned above, the final step consists of letting go of your bra when stops fulfilling its purpose. Each bra’s life expectancy varies due to different reasons such as amount of use, quality of fabric, and body type. Let go of your bra once it stops serving its purpose.

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