Nowadays there is a range of AED brands like AED Malaysia available in the market that it will overwhelm anyone who is first time going to buy. He would have no idea from where to start. First of all, let me tell you what an AED is. Automatic External Defibrillator is a device which aids in saving the person’s life in case an emergency especially if a person goes in cardiac arrest or heart suddenly stops its beat. It’s size almost like a mini laptop so it can be easily carried.

What is the function of AED?

A person when goes in cardiac arrest, his heart cells started giving irregular electric activity which in turns gives heart a chaotic vibration. This vibration is called as ventricular fibrillation. Since our heart muscles have electric cells, so ventricular fibrillation is treated by getting controlled electric shock. It is done with the help of automated external defibrillator which returns the heart into its normal beat.

What is Chain of Survival?

When you see a person that needs your help the steps needed to ensure his survival is called chain of survival. It is as follows:

  • When you saw a person collapsing and you are afraid he got a heart attack then the first and foremost step is to call EMS by dialing 911. It is especially important to do when there are many people present. What happens is when such situation occur, everyone rushes to check the injured but no one even thinks to call for aid. Everyone thinks someone had made the call. Don’t waste your time in assumptions and take the initiative.
  • Second step is to provide CPR to the injured person. CPR stands for cardio pulmonary resuscitation which is very important for two reasons. One, CPR delivers blood flow to the brain and secondly it increases the chances of survival and helps in using AED machine. CPR is performed by putting both hands on the chest and give compressions to the injured. Also check for the breathing. If he is not breathing then give rescue breadths and again start pumping the chest until the pulse quickens.
  • When the heart beat starts fibrillating or pulsating rapidly then it is time for AED. The survival chances of the victim increases by 70% if he is being given AED within the first 3 to 5 minutes of cardiac arrest. If AED is given alongside CPR then the chances of survival doubles when compared with CPR only.
  • The last step in survival chain after giving AED is offering the advanced life support which is given by the EMS team. Your job is finished now you leave it to the experts.

How to use AED?

Using the Automatic External Defibrillator is really easy even if you haven’t taken a course of using it. Mostly they come with audio instructions when you turn it on as well as written instructions. Just follow them step by step. Here we have also given you a step by step guide of AED no matter what model it is.

  • There would be a button On/Off, press it and AED will be turned on. It can also be done by lifting the lid.
  • Now follow the instructions given with the manual precisely. There are pads or electrodes with the device that you need to place on the bare chest of the injured. One is to be placed on right upper chest and other under the left chest.
  • After placing the electrodes now connect it with AED if not already connected.
  • Make sure now that no one is touching the injured person including yourself. This is the stage where machine analyzes the condition of the victim. Every CPR attempt should be paused at this stage as machine will decide whether or not heart is ready to receive shock treatment.
  • Once AED beeps, make sure again no one is touching and then press the shock button. If anyone is touching the victim, he will also feel the effects of shock.
  • Now AED will automatically give you the instruction that the victim is clear for giving CPR again. Do not remove the pads from the chest and perform CPR again.

How much an AED will cost?

There are different brands of AED available in the market. The more features the device have, the more expensive it will be. It would be a good investment if you buy an AED of some known brand like AED Malaysia. The number of chest pads or electrodes, battery life and advanced features affect price a lot.

Life is unpredictable. No one knows when a certain incident or accident is going to happen. It is always better to be prepared. If we work sensibly then we can save a lot of lives.

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