A US based mid level enterprise re known for it's custom clothier Natty Shirts has entered the second largest language based market of Spanish/ Española by launching Salud Jinni (A complete health guide for whole family).

In 2003, when ecommerce platform Natty Shirts was launched, it took this 1970s concept of custom dress shirts making to another level. A combination of artificial intelligence with traditional craftsmanship. This made it possible to choose from unlimited choices and get it delivered to your doorstep with out paying anything extra, thus making it reachable for an average buyer.

Now this new project Salud Jinni is themed to encompass a day to day life based health issues which one has to face someday. The complete health guide covering from Pregnancy (Embarazo), Fitness (Aptitud) to Education (Educación) is targeting the Spanish audience, which is the third largest language market of the world after English and Chinese. Unfortunately Spanish like many other large market share holding language e.g. Arabic, Urdu and French has not seen much of appreciation in the world of IT and was ignored for a longer period of time. But time has changed and we can witness brighter side and so was the idea generated to start this project.

A little from Head of Salud Jinni about it:

Moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, teachers and all who are visiting our website, saludjinni.com is an exclusively digital magazine on topics related to childhood. We have created this portal with the purpose of changing ideas, emotions, experiences and information about the education and health of children.

We are a community of parents concerned with the future of our children, in terms of their health and their education. Our purpose is to ensure that the rights of children are respected. As the Convention on the Rights of the Child defends, we are convinced that the child, for the full and harmonious development of his personality, must grow up in a family, in an adequate environment, with love and understanding. He must be fully prepared for an independent life in society and be educated in a spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity.

We are also convinced that all these Rights begin within the family. For this reason, we believe that mothers, fathers and relatives in general should join together to build a commitment to educate and take care of their children, grandchildren, etc. We believe that, as the American anthropologist Margaret Mead affirmed, there is no doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world; Actually, nothing else has ever happened. Our contents are the result of studies, readings, research and consultations outside and inside the network, and the collaboration of some professionals in the health and education area. Apart from that, your participation, experience and support is essential for us. We count on it.

It is not just a project intended for profit generation but a project intended to make some change. We hope educating people will make this world more livable.


Director Salud Jinni

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