The old saying goes that prevention is cheaper than the cure, and this is very true when it comes to the security of your home. People often fail to bear in mind that if they are burgled, they are unlikely to receive the full value of the items taken from their insurance company. There are small victories of course, like a newer laptop or TV, but insurers do not pay for items with sentimental value; at least not the amount the item is worth to you. Likewise, you must remember that the vast majority of insurers will ask you to pay an insurance excess when you claim, which as you are not planning on being burgled, you may not have saved up and sitting in a bank account. All in all, claiming on your insurance is a financial and emotional commitment that you may not have to make if you take preventative measures against crime.

Though there are the obvious deterrents that many homes have had for years, such as burglar alarms, locking gates; even window bars or a guard dog; many of these are not great at keeping out a burglar for a period of time. Many professional thieves know how to stop a house alarm; gates can be jumped; a thief does not necessarily have to enter through the window; and you will not want to put a family pet in danger if you can help it. Believe it or not, one of the most immediately noticeable things to a burglar that is likely to deter them from attempting a break in, and instantly move them on to an easier target, is the door on the front of your house.

Bars on windows and the like are no great problem if you have a flimsy and ageing wooden panel door that can quite easily be kicked to pieces with a few swift blows. If your house is protected by a UPVC composite door, it can be just what the thief needs to see to ensure them that the house is not worth the extra time it would take to break in. A composite door will not hold an intruder indefinitely, but it will add enough time on to any break in attempt to sufficiently increase the danger of being discovered in the act; caught red handed so to speak. This is enough in many cases for a burglar to know when he is beaten and choose a house with a less secure door on the front.

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