Creating a Press Release for a New Event, Launch or Business

There is a wide audience which claims that press release don’t work anymore with today’s media advancements. That statement is not true at all, in fact:

(1) Press releases are still a strong and free way to earn publicity for your business

(2) Is a very handy tool to stay in the news through announcing company events and activities.

A problem occurs only when you are not familiar with press release writing basics and, do not properly follow the press release distribution methods. Claiming that press releases don’t work anymore could actually be a problem at your end.

Here, we will familiarize you with the basics of how to write a press release suitable for any event or business requirement and shed some light on the useful distribution methods.

There is a standard format followed for writing press releases. It will greatly enhance your credibility if you present your material in a professional and concise manner.

It always begins with this line:
"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” followed by your contact information below it.

Headline is “the” most important part of your press release. It is the super compact version of your news and needs to be catchy and appealing, enticing readers to read and find out more. It is normally a sentence or two, crafted to perfection while containing your news headline.
Lead Paragraph for a New Event

Start with providing physical location of the event followed by the date and immediately begin with a strong paragraph that is compelling and directly unfolds your headline.

It is the most visible part of your press release and needs to be very precise and to the point. Keep the five W’s in mind while providing details of the event you are covering. For the reader, you provide a hook in this paragraph so they read on further to find out more about your company events or new products.
Body Content

The body of your press release contains relevant information about your headline and lead paragraph. It elaborates and summarizes the main ideas discussed earlier. From announcing a new line of products to a recent event that took place, and highlight its significance and provide facts and support them with quotes. While quoting, always make sure to mention proper credits.

The body of your press release is no more than a few paragraphs. Your writing should be clear, concise and to the point and stay away from using too many adjectives and flowery phrases.

The last paragraph provides a quick summary of the story along with all necessary contact information, website address, email, phone or fax numbers etc, and mark the end of your press release by typing ###.
Press Release Distribution

Organize yourself first and research all media outlets to see whether your news is of any interest to the media. You can build a media list that you normally correspond to and add to it regularly.

Building a media list means that you should build fruitful relationships with different media outlets and their personnel by finding out their preference: fax, email, snail mail etc. In case of snail mail, address the envelope neatly and clearly, making sure to spell the contact’s name correctly.

Editors and journalists are very busy people so value their time by sending one copy per media outlet. Follow up phone calls after you have submitted your press release are not recommended at all

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