Many years ago the company I was working for at the time began to engage various culture shaping initiatives. As a “consciousness nerd” my curiosity was piqued as I looked forward to being exposed to new theories and perhaps a deeper understanding of my own nature. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment. While I witnessed several attempts by different firms, all were focused on changing surface behaviors without shifting underlying beliefs – lots of tools but no foundation of principles. As a result, not much was integrated into individual behaviors and very little ever changed. As I thought more about the experience, I came to realize what was missing – a unifying model that naturally supports conscious business practices.

You see, a Conscious Business is more than conscious practices. Unlike a series of tools accumulated individually, which can be overwhelming and difficult to effectively integrate, the Conscious Business shifts its focus from outer behaviors to inner resources. It does this by recognizing the organization itself is conscious, with an awareness of itself beyond the individuals who form it. As a conscious entity, the organization has the potential for a resonant and coherent experience of those within it – enabling them to act collectively and often of one mind while still individually distinct yet part of this greater whole. It’s a model in motion, powered from the inside out, with the capability to affect real change.

From this deepened awareness, the Conscious Business shifts its focus and operates from a genuine understanding and appreciation for why it’s in business, what it then offers and finally how it does that. While the “what” and “how” may shift and change over time, the core “why” rarely does when its an authentic expression of who the organization really is. Connecting with this authentic core in each present moment, the Conscious Business accesses energy and wisdom as valuable resources to build and sustain itself. This circulating nucleus of energy intelligence fuels the wisdom that in turn informs the continued flow of energy.

This nucleus is a grounded place of deep wisdom and naturally gives rise to the conscious business practices that generate sustainable results. By shifting its focus to the core and working from the inside out, these practices become a natural extension of who the organization and its leaders are, rather than a collection of tools and methods accumulated over time.

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As a Business Focalizer, Barry taps into deepened awareness as a valuable business resource for creativity and innovation through leadership mentoring and business coaching.