Wine is a great way to enjoy food, social functions or even a simple outing. If you are just starting to get into wine, however, it is likely that you may have quite a few questions that you find yourself asking. In order to help you sort out and answer some of those questions we’ve taken the time to answer just a couple of those common questions you may be asking yourself about wine.

1. What is the meaning of “vintage”? Vintage simply refers to the exact year grapes were harvested for any particular wine. Most vintage wines only include grapes from the exact vintage specified, while some regions actually allow a small percentage of an adjacent vintage’s wine to be combined to a particular blend while still being called a vintage wine. Typically non-vintage wines are blends of multiple vintages. Some wines that are produced in Europe actually have to label bottles as non-vintage wines since the grapes being used are not authorized for that particular region or country.

2. How should my wine be stored? It is important that wines be kept out of heat, light and even vibration. Fortunately there are just a few basic steps to help you store your wine to ensure that it will last. For starters, wine should always be kept in a cool place where the temperature does not exceed more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit since it can cause the wine to spoil. In addition, wine should also be kept in a dark place since wine is sensitive to light. Furthermore, wine should always be left to lay on its side while it is being stored. This allows the cork to stay moist. Lastly, the wine should be left alone and undisturbed all the way up until you plan on actually opening it up to drink.

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